English Vocab #5

  1. bolster
    n. a pillow or cushion, applied to various things for support v. to support or uphold
  2. bombastic
    adj. when high sounding language is used with no real meaning
  3. boon
    n. a request to a human especially for a favor, the matter prayed for or asked, a thing asked as a favor, a favor adj. gracious\nv. to give away in boons
  4. boor
    n. a husbandman or peasant, a rude person
  5. bootleg
    adj. made, distributed, or sold illegally v. to make, distribute, or sell illegally n. an illegal musical recording
  6. booty
    n. profit acquired by winners, what is captured by robbers or thieves
  7. bovine
    n. an animal of the cattle group adj. of, relating to, or affecting cattle, a dull person
  8. brazen
    adj. made of brass, strength (like brass), shameless v. to harden, to make bold or reckless
  9. brink
    n. the edge or border of a steep place, the edge of land bordering a piece of water, verge of some state event or action
  10. brouhaha
    n. a commotion, a noisy and overexcited critical response, a display of interest, hubbub, uproar
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English Vocab #5
English Vocab #5