Intro to microbio

  1. what is the 3 domain system based on?
    comparison of ribosomal RNA gene sequences
  2. What are the 3 domains?
    • bacteria
    • archaea
    • eukarya
  3. what are general features of a Bacteria prokaryotic cell?
    • 1. usually single celled
    • 2. most lack a membrane bound nucleus
    • 3. ubiquitous
    • 4. 70 S Ribosomes
    • 5. Between 1-10 micrometers in size
    • 6. cyanobacteria produce significant amounts of oxygen
  4. what are the cell walls made of in prokaryotic bacteria cells?
  5. what are the general features of prokaryotic archaea cells?
    • 1. unique rRna gene sequences compared to bacteria
    • 2. lack peptidoglycan in cell walls
    • 3. have unique membrane lipids
    • 4. some have unusual metabolic characteristics
    • 5. many live in extreme environments
  6. what are the general features of eukaryotic eukarya?
    • 1. single celled or multicellular
    • 2. have a true nucleus
    • 3. 80S ribosomes
    • 4. bigger than bacteria and archaea
    • 5. part of food chain
    • 6. some are pathogens
  7. what are nature's recyclers?
  8. what are the characteristics of a virus?
    • smallest of all microbes
    • virus requires a host cell to replicate
    • cause a range of diseases
  9. what is a viroid?
    infectious agent composed of RNA
  10. what is a prion?
    infectious proteins
  11. who are the fathers of microbiology?
    hooke and leeuwenhoek
  12. what is the theory of spontaneous generation?
    life arises from non living things such as soil or bad air
  13. what is the theory of biogenesis?
    life arises only from living organisms which may be too small to see
  14. what was francesco redi's experiment?
    place meat in both uncovered and covered jars and see which ones produced maggots--> only open jars produced maggots
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