SAT Vocabulary Words

  1. Abase
    (uh BAYS) v.
    to degrade; to humiliate.
  2. Abash
    (ah BASH) v.
    to make ashamed or uneasy
  3. Abate
    (ah BAYT) v.
    to reduce
  4. Abbess
    (AB iss) n.
    a woman, commonly called Mother Superior, in charge of convent nuns.
  5. Abdicate
    (AB duh kayt) v.
    to step down from a powerful position
  6. Aberrant
    (AB uh runt) adj.
    straying from the correct or normal way
  7. Abet
    (uh BET) v.
    to help someone do something illegal or wrong; to incite, encourage, or aid, especially in wrongdoing; the act of being an accomplice
  8. Abeyance
    (uh BAY uns) n.
    a state of not being presently used; temporary suspension or cessation
  9. Abhor
    (ab HOR) v.
    to hate deeply; detest
  10. Abide
    (ah BYDE) v.
    to remain; continue; stay; endure
  11. Abut
    (UH but) v.
    border upon; to adjoin
  12. Abject
    (AB jekt) adj.
    extremely sad; hopeless; defeated
  13. Abjure
    (ab JOOR) v.
    to repudiate or renounce; to give up
  14. Ablution
    (ah BLOO shun) n.
    a cleansing with water or other liquid, espedially as a religious ritual; the liquid used in such an act; Wudu
  15. Abnegate
    (AB nuh gayt) v.
    to deny oneself; to reject
  16. Abominate
    (uh BOM ih nate) v.
    to hate or loathe intensely
  17. Aboriginal
    (ab uh RIJ uh nul) adj.
    native to an area
  18. Abortive
    (uh BOR tiv) adj.
  19. Abridge
    (uh BRIJ) v.
    to shorten; to condense; to diminish; to curtail
  20. Abrogate
    (AB ruh gayt) v.
    to abolish, repeal, or nullify by authority; to do away with; to end formally
  21. Abscond
    (ab SKAHND) v.
    to take flight, escape, to leave quickly and secretly
  22. Absolve
    (ab ZOLV) v.
    to make free of blame, obligation, or sin
  23. Abstain
    (ub STAYN) v.
    to refrain from; denying oneself any action or practice
  24. Abstract
    (AB strakt) abj.
    difficult to understand; impersonal; theoretical
  25. Abstruse
    (ab STROOS) adj.
    hard to understand
  26. Abysmal
    (uh BIZ mul) adj.
    bottomless; hopeless
  27. Abyss
    (uh BISS) n.
    bottomless pit; a profound depth or void
  28. Accede
    (uh SEED) v.
    to yield; give in to a request
  29. Accentuate
    (ak SEN choo wayt) v.
    to emphasize; to make more noticeable; to accent
  30. Acclaim
    (uh KLAYM) v.
    to give public approval and praise; to approve enthusiastically
  31. Acclimate
    (AK lih mayt) v.
    to become suitable to a certain situation or use; adapt
  32. Accolade
    (AK uh layd) n.
    an award, an honor; approval, praise
  33. Accommodate
    (ah KAM ah DATE) v.
    to provide for; help; adapt; oblige
  34. Accord
    (uh KOWRD) v.
    agree; conform; to grant; bestow upon
  35. Accost
    (uh KAWST) v.
    to approach and speak to someone
  36. Bacchanal
    (BAK uh nul) n.
    any drunken party or riotous celebration
  37. Badger
    (BAJ ur) v.
    to tease; annoy; harrass persistently
  38. Bagatelle
    (BAG ah til) n.
    something unimportant or insignificant; trifle
  39. Baleful
    (BAYL ful) adj.
    threatening; hurtful; malignant; ominous
  40. Balk
    (bawk) v.
    to stop short and refuse to proceed
  41. Ballast
    (BAL uhst) n.
    heavy material used to balance ships; stabilizer
  42. Ballistics
    (buh LISS ticks) n.
    the study of the dynamics or flight characteristicsof projectiles
  43. Ballyhoo
    (BAL ee hoo) n.
    a lot of noise and activity, often with no real purpose; exaggerated advertising or publicity
  44. Balm
    (balm) n.
    something that soothes, heals or comforts; an oil or ointment
  45. Bamboozle
    (bam BOO zul) v.
    to cheat, dupe, hoodwink, trick
  46. Cabal
    (kuh BAL) n.
    a small group of people who plan a secret plot, especially political
  47. Cache
    (kash) n.
    a hiding place, or the objects hidden in a hiding place
  48. Cachet
    (kah SHAY) n.
    a mark of prestige; a mark of approval
  49. Cacophony
    (kuh KAFH uh nee) n.
    harsh sounds; jarring descordant sounds, dissonance
  50. Cadence
    (KAYD uns) n.
    the rise and fall of sound
  51. Cajole
    (kuh JOHL) v.
    to wheedle, coax, or persuade someone to do something
  52. Calamity
    (kuh LAM uh tee) n.
    an event causing extreme harm, suffering or destruction; disaster
  53. Callous
    (KAL uss) adj.
    unfeeling, insensitive
  54. Callow
    (KAL oh) adj.
    immature and inexperienced
  55. Calumny
    (KAL um nee) n.
    a harmful statement, usually a lie
  56. Damper
    (DAM per) n.
    a depression or restraint
  57. Daub
    (dawb) v.
    to cover; to paint crudely or skillfully
  58. Daunt
    (dawnt) v.
    to scare; to intimidate
  59. Dawdle
    (DAW dull) v.
    to spend time idly; to delay
  60. De Facto
    (dih FAK toe) adj.
    in fact; actually existing, especially without lawful authority
  61. Deadlock
    (DED lok) v.
    to reach an impasse; to halt progress
  62. Dearth
    (durth) n.
    scarcity; lack
  63. Debacle
    (di BAHK ul) n.
    a sudden calamitous downfall; collapse or failure
  64. Debase
    (di BAYS) v.
    lower in quality, character, or value
  65. Debauchery
    (di BAW shuh ree) n.
    excessive self-indulgence
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