Drive Test Road Rules

  1. what is the penalties for being convicted of a DUI for the first time?
    $500-$1,000, with BAL .15 or higher or minor in the vehicle, not less than 1,000 or more than $2,000
  2. What is affected first when drinking?
  3. the law requires any person to have an insurance when A citation for DUI, which results in a revocation which is?
    bodily injury liability,,These cases require the following minimum insurance coverage:• $100,000 Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) (to one person).• $300,000 Bodily Injury Liability to two or more persons.• $50,000 Property Damage Liability(PDL)
  4. the Florida no-fault law requires owners of a motor vehicles with four or more wheels to have what kinda of insurance?
    The minimum coverage is: • $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) • $10,000 of Property Damage Liability (PDL)
  5. to what age does the child restraint apply?
    5 or less
  6. do you ever share a lane with a motorcycle?
    Never attempt to share the lane with a motorcycle. The motorcyclist needs the room to maneuver safely and is entitled to the entire lane
  7. how far can you front head high and low beams see objects from?
    450FT high beams,150 low beams
  8. how from do the rear lights must be seen from in the day?
  9. what do you do in an a emergency situation,if you have anti-locking brake system?
    press down hard on the brake pedal, hold it and steer out of danger.
  10. how long can the draw board be between the towing vehicle and the vehicle being towed?
    not more than 15 feet between,unless towing poles,pipes,or other objects that cant be taken apart easily
  11. What is the minimum required clearance a motorist must maintain from a cyclist?
    three feet and reduce speed
  12. Where is it unlawful to overtake and pass?
    on a two lane road
  13. What does a solid yellow line to the right of the center line of the highway mean?
    means passing or crossing is prohibited in that lane
  14. What is the move over law?
    the move over law protects law enforcement officers, emergency workers, and tow truck drivers stopped along road ways while performing.
  15. 2. How many points are assessed for a texting while driving?
    3 points
  16. When a crash results in property damages of any amount, must the driver notify the Florida Highway Patrol, the Sheriff’s Department, or the city police department?
  17. when coming toward a vehicle at night within how far must you dim your brights?
  18. as you prepare to turn right at an intersection,what should you do?
    check for any cyclist or if its clear to go
  19. How many feet to the rear should you be able to see objects through the rearview mirror?
    200ft of the rear
  20. If a trailer covers the stoplight of the towing vehicle, where else must a stoplight be?
    at the rear of the trailer
  21. Assume that a load extends 4 or more feet beyond the bed or body of a vehicle driven on a highway in the daytime. How many flags must be used to mark it, and what color should they be?
    4 red flags,12 inches squared
  22. After a full stop at a red traffic light may a driver turn right if the way is clear?
    yes but only if the way is clear and theres no on coming traffic
  23. Can you proceed with caution when you approach a flashing yellow light?
    yes but procced with caution cuz there might be on coming traffic
  24. Which way should you turn your wheels when parking facing uphill where there is a curb? Which way should you turn them where there is not a curb?
    face your wheels away from the curb if there is one and turn you wheels right when there is'nt a curb
  25. You must obtain a new license showing the new address within how many days of moving?
    10 days
  26. can a person temporarily operate a farm tractor on the highway without a driver license?
    yes they can
  27. What is the benefit of the Emergency Contact Information System?
    it allows emergency officers to quickly speak to someone in case of an emergency,and as well as you
  28. 4. What is the maximum speed limit on an interstate highway on a clear day?in rural area?
  29. if there is a officer or emergency vehicle on the road how much slower much you go with speeds of 25 and higher and 20 or lower?
    20 when speeds are 25 or higher and 5 when its 20 or lower
  30. What does a broken white line on the highway mean?
    it seperates twos lane going in the same direction
  31. if you lose your florida drivers license and need a replacement license, where do you apply?
    obtained in a field issuance office
  32. what is required to add a motorcycle endorsement to your florida driver license?
    • -must complete motorcycle safety course, basic rider course(BRC).
    • -must hold a class E license or higher or meet the requirements for a class E license.
  33. if your receive twelve points with-in twelve months, for how long will your licnse be suspended?
    30 days
  34. what are the penalties for failing to take a blood test,a urine test, or a breath test?
    • Your licnse will automatically be suspended for one year.
    • A second refusal will result in an 18 month suspension and first degree misdemeanor.
  35. if an officer pulls over a vehicle for a violation and finds a front seat passenger, 12 years of age or younger not wearing a safety belt,who will be charged with seat belt violation?what if the front seat passenger is 18 or older?
    17 or younger the driver will get chared, if the front passenger is 18 or older he will get charged.
  36. when you are driving too slowly,can you be issued a ticket?
    yes you can
  37. what is the arm signal for a left turn?right turn?slow or stop?
    left turn:left hand striaght out...Right turn: left hand pointing up elbow at a 90 degree...Slow or stop: left hand and arm pointed down but not all the way
  38. what should you do if you drive past the exit on an interstate high-way where you wanted to get off?
    never make last minute turns into an exit,go to the next one
  39. what is the recommended safe following distance?
    3-4 seconds
  40. after passing a vehicle,you mostreturnto the right side of the roadbfore coming winthin how manyfeet of an oncoming vehicle?
  41. what is the minimum required clearance a motorist must maintain from a cyclist?
    three feet and reduce speed
  42. where should reflectors be mounted?
    near front and back or on eachside
  43. Give three examples of loads that need to be covered to avoid items,falling or blowing on roadway?
  44. In addition to other equipment, is your vehicle required to have a white light that makes the license plate visible from 50 feet, a windshield wiper and a horn?
    yes for all of these
  45. stop, do you have the right to move forward first?
    only if you have the right of way and theres not traffic signals
  46. if more than one vehicle is approaching a four-way stop sign and you are the first one to get there and stop, do you have the right to move forward first?
    always the person to the right
  47. what is the issuance oeriod of a florida I.D card?
    birth certificet,social security card,and prove of residenty
  48. at what age are persons no longer required to have oarental consent to obtain a a license?
    18 or older
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