Electric Fields.txt

  1. How do you find the electric field of a point charge?
    E = kQ/r2 (r is distance from point in question)
  2. Is the electric field a vector?
  3. What direction do Electric field lines travel?
    Leave Positive
  4. At what angle do electric field lines leave the charge?
    90 degrees (Normals)
  5. What direction does the electric field point in?
    The direction of attraction, Leave Positive.
  6. Do you need the sign for calculating electric field?
    No, just find magnitude, then use Opposites Attract and Leave Positive
  7. What is the electric field in terms of Force?
    • E = F/Q
    • E = Force / Charge
  8. What is the electric field inside a conducting material?
  9. What is the Electric field on a point charge or sphere?
    kQ/r2 r is distance from origin
  10. What is a unit for the Electric Field?
    Volts/ Meter & Newtons/Column
  11. What is the electrostatic force on a charge in an electric field?
  12. What is the Electric Field of a point charge or Sphere?
    E = kq/r2
  13. What is the electric field of a line of charge?
  14. What is the electric field of a uniform sheet of charge?
    E = σ / 2ε
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