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  1. What is The Electric Potential energy?
    U = kQ1Q2/R
  2. What does electric potential stand for?
  3. What is Electrostatic Potential?
  4. What is the work done ON a charge?
  5. How do you find the total potential of a point between two charges?
    V = kQ/R + kQ/R …. Sum of Volts, each their own R distance away from point.
  6. What is potential difference?
  7. In a constant electric field what is voltage equal to?
    V = Ed
  8. What charge has a higher potential?
  9. What charge has a lower potential?
  10. What is the work done on a charge equal to?
    W = Q∆V = Fd = ∆KE
  11. How do you determine the sign of Work?
    • Observing the direction of motion in comparison to the electric field.
    • When motion opposes field, positive work. (Up Stairs)
    • When motion moves along field, negative work. (Gravity)
  12. When the motion of a charge opposes the field what is the sign of the work?
  13. In what direction does a charge doing negative work travel?
    Along the field lines.
  14. How do you calculate the total electrostatic potential ENERGY?
    U=kQ1Q2/r And just keep summing them, keeping track of their parts.
  15. What is the work done? In both KE and delta V
    • q∆V
    • (1/2)mv2 - (1/2)mv2
  16. What is electrostatic potential (voltage) in a uniform electric field?
  17. What is the electric potential of a point charge or sphere?
    V = kQ/r
  18. What is the net/total electric potential?
    ∑ k(Q/r)
  19. What is the electrostatic potential energy?
    U kqQ/r
  20. Does electrostatic potential energy have a sign?
    Yes, from the contributing charges.
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