Vocab. AB 1-500

  1. Scruple
    n. a moral principle that restrains actions
  2. Menial
    adj. lowly or servant-like
  3. Astringent
    adj. severe; strong; harsh
  4. Egregarious
    adj. outstanding for undesirable qualities; remarkably bad
  5. Morass
    n. an area of swampy ground; something that hinders
  6. Hermetic
    adj. completely sealed, esp. from entry or escape of air
  7. Gamut
    n. an entire range or series
  8. Girth
    n. the distance around something; circumference
  9. Atavistic
    adj. reverting to past traits, esp. to traits absent for a long time
  10. Venial
    adj. easily excused or forgiven
  11. Quibble
    v. to criticize or evade the truth by raising trivial or irrevelant objections
  12. Maudlin
    adj. excessively sentimental
  13. Rancorous
    adj. bitter and resentful
  14. Periphery
    n. a boundary line; perimeter; an outside surface
  15. Temporize
    v. to act evasively in order to gain time
  16. Punitive
    adj. inflicting or intended to inflict punishment
  17. Obsequious
    adj. showing too great a willingness to serve or obey
  18. Extemporaneous
    adj. done with little or no preparation
  19. Stentorian
    adj. extremely loud
  20. Surmise
    • v. to infer something by ituition or with slender evidence
    • n. such an inference
  21. Putative
    adj. put forth or accepted as true on inadequate grounds; supposed
  22. Epicure
    n. one with refined tastes, esp. in food and wine
  23. Sedition
    n. the promotion of rebellion against the government
  24. Factious
    adj. causing dissension
  25. Onus
    n. an unpleasant task or duty; a burden or obligation
  26. Demure
    adj. coy; modest; reserved
  27. Improvident
    adj. not preparing for the future; incautious
  28. Burgeon
    v. to sprout or grow rapidly
  29. Inculcate
    v. to teach or impress by frequent repetition; to instill
  30. Engender
    v. to beget; to cause; to promote
  31. Cordial
    adj. warm and friendly; hearty
  32. Halcyon
    adj. calm; peaceful
  33. Lugubrious
    adj. sad or mournful, esp. in a way that seems exaggerated or ridiculous
  34. Sanguine
    adj. optimistic, cheerful
  35. Sinecure
    n. a paid position that requires little or no work
  36. Diffident
    adj. lacking self-confidence; timid; shy
  37. Quintessence
    n. a pure substance or essence of something
  38. Cavil
    v. to argue in a petty fashion; make trifling objections
  39. Obstreperous
    adj. noisily and stubbornly defiant
  40. Quotidian
    adj. daily; customary
  41. Quandary
    n. a state of uncertainty, esp. about what course of action to take
  42. Parsimony
    n. excessive care in spending; stinginess
  43. Malaise
    n. a vague feeling of physical discomfort or uneasiness
  44. Meretricious
    adj. attracting attention in a vulgar way
  45. Tout
    v. to solicit customers; to praise or recommend highly
  46. Manumit
    v. to grant freedom to slaves; to emancipate
  47. Maim
    v. to cripple; mutilate; disable
  48. Malady
    n. a disease; illness; sickness
  49. Infringe
    v. to trespass; to violate
  50. Complicity
    n. association o rparticipation in a wrongful act
  51. Fractious
    adj. disruptive or irritable
  52. Calumny
    n. a false and malicious statement; slander
  53. Largess
    n. generosity in giving gifts
  54. Fetid
    adj. having a bad odor
  55. Purvey
    v. to supply
  56. Scintillate
    v. to give off sparks; to be animated or brilliant
  57. Ephemeral
    adj. lasting for a short time; fleeting
  58. Overwrought
    adj. extremely nervous or excited
  59. Craven
    adj. cowardly; contemptibly timid
  60. Antediluvian
    adj. very old; outdated
  61. Paroxysm
    n. a sudden convulsion or ouburst; a fit
  62. Irascible
    adj. easily angered; quick-tempered
  63. Extol
    v. to praise highly and lavishly
  64. Eschew
    v. to avoid; to shun
  65. Palatable
    adj. pleasant or acceptable to the taste
  66. Draconian
    adj. extremely harsh and severe
  67. Encomium
    n. high praise
  68. Acumen
    n. quickness and accuracy of judgment or insight
  69. Induct
    v. to place formally in office; to admit as a member
  70. Mercurial
    adj. easily changeable; erratic
  71. Linchpin
    n. a central element that holds other parts together
  72. Exacerbate
    v. to make more violent, bitter, or severe
  73. Cajole
    v. to attempt to persuade with flattery or insincere talk
  74. Desiccate
    v. to dry completely
  75. Heyday
    n. a time of success or popularity
  76. Serendipity
    n. unexpected gift or discovery
  77. Benediction
    n. blessing
  78. Placebo
    n. something presented as a drug, but having no actual effect
  79. Uncouth
    adj. uncultured; crude
  80. Ruffle
    v. to take away the smoothness of; to discompose
  81. Connoisseur
    n. an expert, esp. in the fine arts
  82. Usury
    n. excessive charging of interest
  83. Wry
    adj. dryly humurous, with a touch of irony
  84. Palliate
    v. to lessen the pain or severity
  85. Fitful
    adj. occurring in irregular oubursts; occurring in spurts
  86. Undulate
    v. to move in a wave-like motion
  87. Palpable
    adj. capable of being handled, touched, or felt; easily perceived
  88. Rectitude
    n. conduct according to moral principles
  89. Perpetuity
    n. a state of infinite or indefinitely long duration
  90. Lummox
    n. a clumsy person
  91. Leery
    adj. suspicious; distrustful
  92. Occult
    adj. relating to the supernatural; beyond human comprehension; mysterious
  93. Forlorn
    adj. appearing sad because abandoned; in pitiful condition; almost without hope
  94. Hapless
    adj. unfortunate; unlucky
  95. Melange
    n. a mixture; a hodgepodge
  96. Celerity
    n. speed in motion; swiftness
  97. Patrician
    • n. a person of refined manners or background; a member of the aristocracy
    • adj. aristocratic
  98. Jeremiad
    n. an elaborate and lengthy tale of sadness
  99. Slander
    • n. a false, oral statement that damages a person's reputation
    • v. to make such a statement
  100. Matriarch
    n. a woman who rules a family or clan; a highly respected woman who is a mother
  101. Recumbent
    adj. lying down in a position of comfort
  102. Byzantine
    adj. highly complicated or intricate; characterized by devious plotting
  103. Dissemble
    v. to deceive or conceal; to hide one's motives; to stimulate
  104. Libel
    n. a false written statement that damages a person's reputation
  105. Hidebound
    adj. narrow-minded
  106. Dregs
    n. the worst part; the sediment in a liquid
  107. Defray
    v. to provide for the payment of
  108. Accrue
    v. to come as a gain; to increase
  109. Incriminate
    v. to make appear guilty of a crime or fault
  110. Goad
    • n. a long stick used to prod animals; something used to urge on
    • v. to prod or urge, as if with a pointed stick
  111. Bedlam
    n. any place or condition of noise and confusion
  112. Flag
    v. to slow down in pace
  113. Pilfer
    v. to steal a small amount
  114. Sodden
    adj. thoroughly wet, drenched
  115. Plaintive
    adj. expressing sorrow
  116. Enumerate
    v. to count off or list
  117. Shoal
    n. an area of shallow water
  118. Tortuous
    adj. winding, twisted
  119. Flaccid
    adj. lacking firmness
  120. Solicitous
    adj. showing anxious concern
  121. Jilt
    v. to reject or cast off
  122. Blight
    n. a plant disease; something that impairs growth, progress, or prosperity
  123. Germane
    adj. fitting and appropriate
  124. Effrontery
    n. bold and insulting behavior
  125. Disconsolate
    adj. extremely unhappy; seemingly beyond comforting
  126. Hubris
    n. excessive pride
  127. Phlegmatic
    adj. having a calm, sluggish emperament; unemotional
  128. Emphatic
    adj. done or expressed with force
  129. Impinge
    v. to have an effect on something, esp. a negative one; to encroach
  130. Epitome
    n. a representative example of a type
  131. Moribund
    adj. approaching death; nearly obsolete
  132. Berate
    v. to scold severely and at length
  133. Panacea
    n. a cure-all or an all-purpose solution
  134. Surly
    adj. sullen and rude
  135. Magnanimous
    adj. generous; noble in mind
  136. Dogmatic
    adj. arrogantly asserting unproved principles
  137. Catharsis
    n. purging of the emotions
  138. Terse
    adj. without unnecessary words; succinct
  139. Choleric
    adj. easily angered; bad-tempered
  140. Indefatigable
    adj. tireless, unceasing
  141. Moratorium
    n. suspension of activity; authorized delay
  142. Affable
    adj. friendly; easy to talk to
  143. Acrimony
    n. bitter, sharp hostility in speech or behavior
  144. Cantankerous
    adj. bad-tempered; quarrelsome
  145. Avocation
    n. a hobby
  146. Squander
    v. to spend wastefully
  147. Bravura
    n. a showy display
  148. Wince
    v. to flinch in pain or fear
  149. Delve
    v. to look for; to search; to investigate
  150. Aural
    adj. perceived by the ear
  151. Beatific
    adj. showing joy or saintliness
  152. Tractable
    adj. easily managed or controlled
  153. Abound
    v. to be plentiful
  154. Misanthrope
    n. one who hates or mistrusts mankind
  155. Mendicant
    n. a beggar; one who depends on charity for support
  156. Parvenu
    n. someone recently risen to a higher social class and not yet accepted by others in that class, often because of a lack of manners
  157. Cacophony
    n. a harsh, jarring sound
  158. Scour
    v. to wash by scrubbing vigorously
  159. Purport
    v. to claim, esp. falsely
  160. Grimace
    • n. a facial expression that shows disapproval or pain
    • v. to make such an expression
  161. Fawn
    v. to exhibit affection like a dog; to flatter excessively
  162. Adage
    n. a familiar saying; a proverb
  163. Indignation
    n. anger aroused by something unjust or evil
  164. Quarry
    n. a hunted bird or animal; prey
  165. Dote
    v. to show excessive love or fondness
  166. Myopic
    adj. near-sighted
  167. Nonplus
    v. to put at a loss what to do or think
  168. Haggard
    adj. appearing tired and thin, as from anxiety, disease, hunger, etc.
  169. Amiable
    adj. friendly and agreeable; sociable
  170. Refractory
    adj. stubbornly resistant to control, authority, or treatment
  171. Oblique
    adj. not straight to the point; indirect
  172. Presage
    v. to indicate or warn in advance
  173. Martinet
    n. one who is trict in discipline, and enjoys authority too much
  174. Congeal
    v. to solidify by or as if by freezing
  175. Sybarite
    n. one devoted to luxury
  176. Sate
    v. to satisfy (any appetite or desire) fully
  177. Impetus
    n. an impelling or originating force
  178. Impertinent
    adj. rude
  179. Denizen
    n. an inhabitant; one who is often found in a particular place
  180. Deference
    n. yielding an opinion, desire, or position to another out of respect
  181. Gadfly
    n. a person who annoys others
  182. Caustic
    adj. capable of burnign or corroding by chemical action; bitingly sarcastic, cutting
  183. Shibboleth
    n. a custom or phrase distinctive of a particular group, class, etc.
  184. Stratum
    n. a level or layer
  185. Acquit
    v. to declare free of guilt; to clear
  186. Windfall
    n. unexpected good fortune
  187. Pauper
    n. one who is extremely poor, esp. one living on public charity
  188. Sustenance
    n. the support of life or health
  189. Decry
    v. to speak out against strongly and openly
  190. Connive
    v. to cooperate secretly in wrongful action
  191. Effervescent
    adj. giving off gas bubbles; showing high spirits or excitement
  192. Profuse
    adj. giving or pouring forth freely; generous
  193. Avarice
    n. excessive desire for wealth
  194. Facet
    n. any number of sides or aspects
  195. Balmy
    adj. soothing, mild, pleasant
  196. Seminal
    adj. original and inspiring further similar efforts
  197. Tennuous
    adj. weak, thin
  198. Gambol
    v. to leap about playfully; to frolic
  199. Veneer
    n. an attractive, ultimately misleading outward show; thin layer
  200. Inveigle
    v. to obtain by flattery
  201. Feign
    v. to pretend; to fake
  202. Bacchanalian
    adj. characterized by riotous, drunken partying
  203. Nebulous
    adj. unclear; vague
  204. Garnish
    v. to decorate; adorn
  205. Tenable
    adj. able to be maintained or defended
  206. Disconcert
    v. to make confused or uneasy
  207. Offhand
    adj. without preparation or forethought
  208. Levity
    n. lack of seriousness, esp. when improper
  209. Laconic
    adj. brief in speech; using few words
  210. Loath
    adj. unwilling, reluctant
  211. Nettle
    v. to bother; to irritate
  212. Consternation
    n. a sudden feeling of anxiety, shock, or confusion
  213. Nostalgia
    n. a general longing for the past or to return home
  214. Reprieve
    v. to postpone or cancel punishment
  215. Fete
    n. lavish entertainment; a festival
  216. Ado
    n. trouble; fuss
  217. Querulous
    adj. inclined to find fault; complaining; full of complaint
  218. Contiguous
    adj. sharing a common boundary; adjoining
  219. Caveat
    n. a warning
  220. Abstemious
    adj. moderate, especially in eating and drinking
  221. Relegate
    v. to assign to an obscure place or condition; to send away
  222. Distend
    v. to stretch out; to expand
  223. Deprecate
    v. to express disapproval of
  224. Reciprocate
    v. to give something in return
  225. Brusque
    adj. abrupt and curt of manner
  226. Contrive
    v. to bring about artificially
  227. Blandishment
    n. a flattering act or remark; allurement; enticement
  228. Flummox
    v. to confuse or perplex
  229. Lambaste
    v. to scold or criticize harshly; to beat or whip severely
  230. Panoply
    n. a splendid array; cermeonial dress with all accessories
  231. Obdurate
    adj. not easily moved to pity or sympathy
  232. Proclivity
    n. a natural or habitual tendency or inclination
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