Upper Respiratory Tract Words 1

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  1. aerophagia
    swallowing air
  2. hydrotherapy
    treatment of disease using water
  3. aerohydrotherapy
    combining air and water to treat a disease or injury
  4. pharyngomycosis
    fungal disease of thee pharynx
  5. pharyngoplegia
    paralysis of the pharynx
  6. pharyngitis
    inflammation of the pharynx
  7. pharyngoplasty
    surgical repair of the pharynx
  8. pharyngotomy
    incision of the pharynx
  9. pharyngotome
    instrument to incise the pharynx
  10. pharyngospasm
    involuntary contraction or twitching of the pharynx
  11. pharyngocele
    hernia or swelling of the pharynx
  12. pharyngostenosis
    narrowing or stricture of the pharynx
  13. larynx
    responsible for sound
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