Ch 4 Word Elements Words Part 1

  1. nasal
    pertaining to the nose
  2. rhinorrhea
    watery discharge from the nose
  3. pharyngitis
    inflammation of the pharynx, usually by infection
  4. peritonsillar
    pertaining to the area surrounding the tonsils
  5. tracheostomy
    creation of an opening into the trachea
  6. alveolar
    pertaining to the alveoli
  7. bronchiectasis
    dilation of the bronchus or bronchi
  8. bronchoscope
    curved, flexible tube with a light for visual examination of the bronchi
  9. bronchiolitis
    inflammation of the bronchioles
  10. pleuritic
    pertaining to the pleurisy (pleura??)
  11. pneumectomy
    excision of all or part of a lung
  12. pneumonia
    inflammation of one of both lungs, usually by infection
  13. pulmonologist
    physician who specializing in treating pathological conditions of the lungs
  14. thoracopathy
    disease of the thorax or the organs it contains
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Ch 4 Word Elements Words Part 1
Ch 4 Word Elements Words