English Vocab #4

  1. balk
    v. hesitate or unwilling to accept an idea or undertaking
  2. bandy
    n. a type of game where a small ball is driven to and fro over the ground with bent club sticks (hockey), the club used in the game v. to throw or strike (a ball) to and fro to toss, to discuss from mouth to mouth, to give and take (blows, words, reproaches, compliments), to exchange
  3. barrage
    n. the formation of an artificial bar in a river to increase the depth of water, type of millitary attack, overwhelming attack
  4. battery
    n. the action of beating, an unlawful attack upon another, the apparatus used in beating, the platform whithin artillery is mounted, electerical battery, apparatus for preparing or serving meals, a collection of similar pieces together as a set, a series of physchological or clinical tests, an embankment
  5. bauble
    n. a showy trinket or ornament such as would please a child, a thing or atricle of no value (rubbish)
  6. bedlam
    n. a lunatic asylum, a madhouse, a scene of mad confusion or uproar adj. fir for a bedlam or mad-house (mad or foolish)
  7. benighted
    adj. overtaken by the darkness of the night, being in a state of intellectual darkness, ignorant
  8. bequest
    n. what is left to someone in a will
  9. bevy
    n. a group of animals, a collection of a perticular thing
  10. bland
    n. a beverage made of buttermilk and water adj. soothing or gentle, dull or uninteresting, lacking in flavor
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English Vocab #4
English Vocab #4