Licensure, Cardiac/PAD Rehab and Pharm (O'Sullivan)

  1. What MET range is desk work, standing, and light house work
  2. What MET level is walking
  3. What MET level is jogging
  4. How to calculate target HR
  5. Phase 1 IP Cardiac Rehab goals
    • Initiate early return to I 
    • typically after 24hours of incidence when stable
    • counteracts deleterious affects of bed rest
  6. Phase 2 OP Rehab
    • Improve functional capacity
    • progress toward full resumption of ADLS
    • encourage activity pacing, energy conservation
  7. Phase 3 Community Exercise Programs
    Improve/maintain fxnal capacity
  8. General info on CHF Levels 1-4; whats worse?
    • 1 is mild, no limitation in activity (6.5)
    • 2 mild, slight limitation (4.5)
    • 3 mod, marked limitation of physical activity (3 mets)
    • 4 severe, unable to carry out any physical activity (1.5 mets)
  9. What MET level intolerance is a contra for resistance training?
    Pt unable to tol 6 and above mets.
  10. HR alone is not appropriate way to monitor majority of cardiac pt, what else do you use?
    • RPE= aka BORG, 6-20, 6 no exertion 20 is max also in a 0-11 scale, 11 being max
    • METS (1-10+ range)
    • dyspnea scale
  11. Ace inhibitors are used for what, and what are treatment considerations?
    • Decreases BP
    • Watch for dizziness, orthostatic HTN
  12. Use of antiadrenergics
    Decreased BP without a selective receptor blockage
  13. Use and tx consideration of calcium channel blockers
    • promote vasodilation, decreased BP and HR at rest and during ex. Also help relieve anginal pain and coronary artery spasms
    • Need to use RPE to monitor response to EX, may reduce blood flow to heart muscle and create ischemic responses
  14. Use of alpha blockers and tx consideration
    • Decrease BP
    • Monitor for hypotension and reflex tachcardia
  15. Use of beta-blockers and tx consideration
    • decrease force of the cardiac contraction thereby decreasing the HR and create decreased demands on the heart and decrease BP
    • Use RPE for response to ex, can worsen asthma sns, and watch for bradycardia and hypotn
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Licensure, Cardiac/PAD Rehab and Pharm (O'Sullivan)
Licensure, Cardiac/PAD Rehab and Pharm (O'Sullivan)