Cantones Basic Phrases

  1. what's up?
    dim a
  2. thank you!
    m goi (for a service)
  3. you're welcome
    m si (hat hei)
  4. how are you?
    lei hou ma
  5. have you eaten yet?
    lei sIk dzo fan mei a?
  6. how have you been lately?
    dzöü gn dim a Lit. most near how
  7. bon appétit!
    sIk fan
  8. bye!
    bai bai
  9. hello?
    wi (answering the telephone)
  10. I'm from...
    o (hi) hi (country) li ga
  11. I'm... years old
    o (number) söü
  12. see you tomorrow!
    tIng yt gin
  13. good morning
    dzou sn
  14. bill, please
    m goi mai dan (in a restaurant)
  15. here you go
  16. I love you
    o oi lei
  17. how do you say (this) in Cantonese?
    (li go) hi gon dUng wa dim gon a?
  18. could you speak slower please?
    tsen lei gon man di
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