Skin Medical and Surgical Procedures

  1. cryosurgery
    use of liquid nitrogen to destroy or eliminate abnormal cells
  2. debridement
    removal of foreign material and dead or damaged tissue, especially in a wound
  3. excimer laser, exciplex laser
    high intensity UV-B light pointed at affected areas without harming surrounding healthy skin
  4. fulguration, electrodesiccation
    diseased tissue destruction by means of a high-frequency electric current
  5. incision and drainage
    surgical procedure to release pus or pressure built up under the skin, such as in an abscess, and remove its contents
  6. Mohs surgery
    procedure in which layers of cancer-containing skin are progressively excised and examined until only cancer-free tissue remains
  7. skin graft
    surgical procedure to transplant healthy tissue to an injured site
  8. allograft, homograft
    transplantation of healthy tissue from one person to another person
  9. autograft
    transplantation of health skin from one site to another site in the same individual
  10. synthetic
    transplantation of artificial skin produced from collagen fibers arranged in a lattice pattern
  11. xenograft, heterograft
    transplantation (dermis only) from a foreign donor (usually a pig) and transferred to a human
  12. skin resurfacing
    repair of damaged skin using topic chemicals, abrasion, or laser
  13. chemical peel, chemabrasion
    used of chemicals to remove outer layers of skin to treat acne scaring and general keratoses, as well as cosmetic purposes to remove fine wrinkles on the face
  14. dermabrasion
    • use of wire brushes or sandpaper to remove superficial scars on the skin
    • removal of acne scars, nevi, tattoos, or fine wrinkles on the skin through the use of sandpaper, wire brushes or other abrasive materials on the epidermal layer
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Skin Medical and Surgical Procedures
Skin Medical and Surgical Procedures