Skin Disease and Conditions Part 2

  1. hematoma
    elevated , localized collection of blood trapped under the skin usually results from trauma
  2. hirsutism
    excessive growth of hair or presence of hair in unusual places, especially in women
  3. impetigo
    bacterial skin infection characterized by isolated pustules that become crusted and rupture
  4. psoriasis
    autoimmune disease characterized by itchy red patches covered with silver scales
  5. scabies
    contagious skin disease transmitted by the itch mite
  6. skin lesion
    area of pathologically altered tissue caused by external factors or internal disease
  7. primary lesion
    skin lesion caused directly by a disease process
  8. secondary lesion
    skin lesion that evolves from a primary lesion or that is caused by external forces such as infection, scratching, trauma or the healing process
  9. tinea, ringworm
    fungal infection whose name commonly indicates the body part affected
  10. ulcer
    lesion of the skin or mucus membranes marked by inflammation, necrosis, and sloughing of damaged tissue
  11. pressure ulcer, decubitus ulcer, bed sore
    skin ulceration caused prolonged pressure, usually a person who is bed ridden
  12. urticaria, wheals, hives
    allergic reaction of the skin characterized by eruption of pale red elevated patches that are intensely itchy
  13. verruca, wart
    rounded epidermal growths caused by a virus
  14. vitiligo, leukoderma
    localized loss of skin pigmentation characterized by milk-white patches
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Skin Disease and Conditions Part 2
Skin Disease and Conditions Part 2