1. conjecture: Although there was no official count, the organizers conjectured that more than 10,000 marchers took part in the march.
    surmise; guess
  2. consensus: every time the garden club members had nearly reached a consensus about what to plant, she disagreed.
    general agreement
  3. constraint: there was a feeling of constraint in the room because no one dared to criticize the speaker
    compulsion; repression of feelings
  4. contend: sociologist contends that young black athletes are exploited by some college recruiters
    struggle; compete; assert earnestly
  5. contentious: disagreeing violently with the referees' ruling, he became so contentious that they threw him out of the game
  6. contract: warm metal expands; cold metal contracts
    compress or shrink; make a pledge; catch a disease
  7. converge: men from all over the US converged on Washington to take part in the historic march
    approach; tend to meet; come together
  8. conviction: even her conviction for murder did not shake his conviction that she was innocent of the crime
    judgement that someone is guilty of a crime
  9. cordial: our hosts greeted us at the airport with a cordial welcome and a hearty hug
    gracious; heartfelt
  10. corroborate: Though he was quite willing to corroborate the story, she knew better than to believe either of them
    confirm; support
  11. corrode: the bridge corroded gradually that no one suspected the danger until it collapsed
    destroy by chemical action
  12. corrugated: she wished she could smooth away the wrinkles from his corrugated brow
    wrinkled; ridged
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