Skin and Accessory Organs Words Part 2

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  1. sebaceous gland
    oil secreting glands of the skin
  2. sudoriferous
    sweat glands
  3. comedos
    hyper secretion of sebaceous glands that block hair follicle and form black heads
  4. pustules
    white heads from bacteria feeding on sebum (hyper secretion) producing infection
  5. diaphoresis, hyperhidrosis
    condition of profuse or excessive sweating
  6. anhidrosis
    absence of sweating
  7. mycosis
    abnormal condition caused by sweating
  8. dermatomycosis
    fungal infection of the skin
  9. mycodermatitis
    inflammation of the skin caused by fungus
  10. trichopathy
    disease of the hair
  11. trichosis
    abnormal condition of hair
  12. trichomyosis
    abnormal condition of the hair caused by fungus
  13. nail root
    composed of keratin
  14. matrix
    active cells below the cuticle
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