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  1. Which statement is true about a Data Protection (DP)-type SnapMirror destination volume?
    A.It can be in a Data ONTAP GX cluster.
    B.It must be on the same disk type as the source volume.
    C.It can be smaller than the source volume.
    D.It can be on a different disk type than the source volume.
  2. Which three steps are required to make a LUN visible to a NPIV-supported VM? (Choose three.)
    A.Map a LUN to the igroup containing the NPIV WWPNs.
    B.Configure a matching NPIV port on the NetApp controller.
    C.Set options.npiv.enable to TRUE on the NetApp controller.
    D.Create a zone containing NetApp target ports and NPIV WWPNs.
    E.Create an igroup on the NetApp controller containing the NPIV WWPNs.
    A, D and E
  3. A user wants to access a FCP VMFS datastore created on a NetApp LUN using a properlyconfigured ESX 3.5 system with a new ESX 4.0 system. Without making changes to the LUN origroup attributes, what setting should be used for the SATP (Storage Array Type Plugin)?
    C.The LUN has to be changed to ALUA before accessing from ESX 4.0)
  4. For access to a VMFS datastore created on a NetApp LUN on an ESX 4.0 system for an ALUAconfiguration, the path selection policy should be set to:
    A.MRU (Most Recently Used)
    C.RR (Round Robin)
  5. On ESX 4.0 for guest operating systems in a Microsoft cluster configuration, the Path SelectionPlug-in (PSP) for a MSCS LUN should be set to:
    A.MRU (Most Recently Used)
    B.RR (Round Robin)
  6. Which statement correctly describes ALUA concepts on NetApp Storage solutions?
    A.ALUA is a LUN attribute that is set.
    B.ALUA deals with Fibre Channel LUNs and is NOT appropriate for iSCSI.
    C.ALUA can be used for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 disk management.
    D.A LUN can be mapped to an ALUA-enabled igroup and a non-ALUA-enabled igroup.
  7. Which statement is NOT true regarding NetApp Snapshots of VMware ESX datastores?
    A.A NetApp Snapshot captures the entire FlexVol including information NOT associated with VMDKs.
    B.For VMDKs on VMFS datastores, to restore a specific VMDK requires a copy from the NetApp Snapshot to the datastore.
    C.NetApp Snapshots can be employed to backup VMFS, NFS, or RDM datastores.
    D.NetApp Snapshots are instantaneous, so they always produce an application consistent image
  8. Which of these attributes can affect LUN I/) alignment?
    A.The same LUN is present in two igroups with differing ALUA states.
    B.The starting offset of the first file system block on the host.
    C.The LUN is a boot LUN.
    D.The LUN is part of a logical volume.
  9. Which statement is correct regarding virtual machine alignment on VMware ESX?
    A.RDM LUNs do NOT suffer from alignment problems because they are accessed directly by VMs.
    B.A VMFS LUN with a LUN type of VMware, will always have properly aligned VMs.
    C.Alignment issues can occur on any protocol including FCP, iSCSI, FCoE, and NFS
    D.msinfo32 or mbrscan can be run for the ESX service console to check for proper alignment of VMs.
  10. When does Fractional Reservation reserve space from the volume?
    A.Volume Creation
    B.LUN Creation
    C.LUN SnapMirror
    D.Volume Snapshot
  11. Which option needs to be set on a LUN to guarantee that it cannot be affected by other LUNs inthe volume?
    A.Volume Guarantee
    B.Volume Space Reserved
    C.LUN Reservation Disabled
    D.LUN Reservation Enabled
  12. Which option needs to be set on a volume to guarantee that it cannot be affected by othervolumes?
    C.Space Reserved
    D.Reservation Enabled
  13. Which row of items should you look up in the IMT (Interoperability Matrix Tool) when designing aNetApp Storage Solution for a customer?
    A.Host OS & patches, FC WWPN, Volume Manager, File System version
    B.Host OS, iSCSI IQN, Volume Manager, Clustering
    C.Host OS & patches, HBA driver, Volume Manager, File System, Clustering
    D.Host OS, HBA driver, Host Memory & CPU Speed, File System, Clustering
  14. Which commands allow you to enable NetApp deduplication and verify space savings?
    A.sis on <vol>, sis start <vol>, df s <vol>
    B.asis on <vol>, asis start <vol>, df s <vol>
    C.sis on <vol>, sis start <vol>, df r <vol>
    D.sis on, sis start, df p <vol>
  15. At which storage object level is deduplication enabled?
  16. You are about to replace a failed Brocade Fibre Channel switch. Which three steps do you takeprior to connecting the switch in the SAN? (Choose three.)
    A.Force the new switch to be the principle switch.
    B.Change the domain ID of the replacement switch to the domain ID of the failed switch.
    C.Clear all zoning configurations on the replacement switch.
    D.Change the core PID format of the replacement switch to the core PID format of the failed switch.
    E.Preload the zoning information from the fabric onto the new switch.
    B, C and D
  17. When running diagnostic tests after an initial installation of a NetApp FAS3000 storage system,which command is used to run a comprehensive set of diagnostic tests on the entire system?
  18. Which configuration for primary block (FC and iSCSI) data does NetApp best practicesrecommend? (Choose two.)
    A.single controller single shelf
    B.single controller multiple shelves
    C.dual controller single shelf
    D.dual controller multiple shelves
    C and D
  19. Which native GUI switch tool is used to manage Cisco MDS-Series switches and directors?
    A.Operations Manager
    B.Fabric Manager
    C.Web Tools
    D.Data Fabric Manager
  20. After completing the configuration of a new Brocade Fibre Channel switch, which command doyou use to verify your configuration?
    A.switchshow config
  21. When booting your NetApp storage system for the first time the system fails to boot.What should you do first to address this problem?
    A.You turn off your storage system and disk shelves, and then turn on the disk shelves. You then check the quick reference card that came with the disk shelf for information about LED responses.
    B.You re-download the boot image to the compact flash card, then reboot the system.
    C.You look for a description of the problem on the LCD and console. You then follow the instructions, if provided, on the LCD and console.
    D.You verify disk shelf compatibility and check the disk shelf IDs to verify that the disk shelf 1 (for DS14 series) must be connected to your system.
  22. You are booting a NetApp storage system for the first time. In which order should the variouscomponents be powered on?
    A.any tape backup devices, disk shelves, network switches, NetApp controller heads
    B.NetApp controller heads, disk shelves, any tape backup devices, network switches
    C.NetApp controller heads, disk shelves, network switches, any tape backup devices switches, disk shelves, any tape backup devices, NetApp controller heads
  23. When setting up a VLAN for administrative security purposes, which four ports are the onlyimportant ports to include in the VLAN? (Choose four.)
    A.Storage Controllers Management Ethernet ports
    B.FC Switches Ethernet port
    C.Hosts iSCSI HBA Ethernet port
    D.Ethernet Switches Management port
    E.Storage Controller iSCSI Ethernet Target ports
    F.Hosts NIC Ethernet port
    A, B, D and F
  24. What is the default Ethernet packet size (or MTU – Maximum Transmission Unit) for Ethernet portson Ethernet switches?
    A.2112 bytes
    B.9000 bytes
    C.1500 bytes
    D.12000 bytes
  25. A company wants to use jumbo frames in their Ethernet network. They should set the packet sizeto which industry conventional value?
  26. A company wants to use jumbo frames to improve performance with their iSCSI network. Whensetting up the Ethernet switches for jumbo frames, which three components need to beconfigured? (Choose three.)
    A.Ethernet port on Management Console
    B.Ethernet port on RLM
    C.Ethernet port on host system
    D.Ethernet port on storage device
    E.Ethernet port on FC switch
    F.Ethernet switch ports being used
    C, D and F
  27. For which two purposes would the use of VLAN’s be beneficial to a NetApp storage solution?(Choose two.) isolate iSCSI traffic from LAN/WAN traffic separate LAN from WAN traffic isolate management traffic from other IP traffic isolate UDP from TCP traffic in the IP network isolate SSH traffic from other IP traffic
    A and C
  28. Which four FC fabric topologies does NetApp support? (Choose four.)
    A.four FC switches with multiple Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) between each pair of switches
    B.ten FC switches per fabric, daisy chained with a single ISL between switches
    C.four FC switches with multiple ISLs between ALL switches
    D.eight FC switches with no more than a single ISL between switches in a cascade topology
    E.dual FC switches with no ISLs
    F.a single FC switch
    G.a switched fabric that has 65537 ports
    A, C, E and F
  29. You need to gather information from the host systems that will be attached to the NetApp storagesystem using either FC or iSCSI. This information includes operating system version, patch levels,
    open bus slots, and cards in bus slots. What other information must you gather from the hostsystems?
    A.bus type (PCIe and/or PCI-x) and video adapters
    B.memory in system and Ethernet ports (both used and free)
    C.bus type (PCIe and/or PCI-x)and Ethernet ports (both used and free)
    D.bus type (PCIe and/or PCI-x) and Serial ports (both used and free)
  30. Which type of multipathing does Linux support?
  31. You are creating an acceptance test plan and the subject of performance is raised. How shouldyou define what the minimum performance should be?
    A.You should look up the test results for a similar system in previous performance testing and use those numbers.
    B.You should work with the customer to understand their performance expectations and determine the minimum performance they require for the application this system will support.
    C.You should use the published maximum performance specifications for this system.
    D.You should use the published minimum performance specifications for this system.
  32. You are installing a NetApp FAS6040 high availability storage system. Which cfmode should beset to ensure proper failover in an HP-UX environment?
    C.single system image
  33. Which topology allows for guaranteed maximum network performance for iSCSI?
    A.isolated VLAN network
    B.MetroWAN network connect
    D.WAN network
  34. Which three does NetApp support for iSCSI with Microsoft Windows solutions? (Choose three.)
    B.Jumbo frames
    C.NIC teaming
    D.Microsoft MCS
    E.NIC trunking
    A, B and D
  35. Which software feature must be supported and configured on the NetApp storage controller toconfigure multipath high availability between the storage controller and disk shelves?
    B.Software Disk Ownership
    C.Snapshot copies
    D.Single System Image cfmode
  36. Which task is part of the site preparation for installation?
    A.configure zoning
    B.install equipment in rack
    C.verify equipment move path
    D.verify host to storage connectivity
  37. Which three tasks should be completed as part of the site preparation for install? (Choose three.)
    A.plan zoning configuration
    B.verify equipment move path
    C.determine aggregate layout
    D.verify power drops in the equipment location
    E.make contact with data center personnel
    B, D and E
  38. Click the Exhibit button.
    When should you define the space management policy that is shown in the table?
    A.when you want to thin provision the LUNs and make the volume size less than the LUN size
    B.when you want Data ONTAP to start deleting Snapshots to recover space from the volume before growing the volume
    C.when you want to set aside overwrite reserve space for the LUNs so that writes never fail with the presence of Snapshots
    D.when you want to guarantee space for Snapshots by letting the volume autogrow
  39. What are two functions provided by the NetApp Host Utilities Kits? (Choose two.)
    A.They provide the ability to take snapshots of local file systems.
    B.They provide properly set disk and HBA timeout values.
    C.They identify and set path priorities for NetApp LUNs.
    D.They provide SnapMirror/SnapVault integration.ns.
    B and C
  40. Which statement is true about single_image cfmode?
    A.Both nodes in the active-active configuration function as separate Fibre Channel nodes, and the LUN maps are not shared between the partners.
    B.Both nodes in the active-active configuration function as a single Fibre Channel node, and the LUN maps are shared between the partners.
    C.Both nodes in the active-active configuration function as a single Fibre Channel node, and the LUN maps are not shared between the partners.
    D.Both nodes in the active-active configuration function as separate Fibre Channel nodes, and the LUN maps are shared between the partners.
  41. Which command do you use to see the rate of change between two successive Snapshot copiesin a flexible volume in Data ONTAP?
    A.snap diff
    B.snap calculate
    C.snap delta
    D.snap space
  42. In a NetApp SAN solution, which value should you set for snap reserve for a volume holdingLUNs?
  43. Click the Exhibit button.
    Given the information shown in the diagram, which port has a NetApp device attached to it?
    A.port 3
    B.port 5
    C.port 6
    D.port 7
  44. What does NetApp recommend as best practice for zone configuration?
    A.single target zoning
    B.single initiator zoning
    C.multiple initiator zoning
    D.single port zoning
  45. Which type of zoning does NetApp recommend?
    A.World Wide Name zoning
    B.World Wide Port Name zoning
    C.World Wide Node Name zoning
    D.Switch World Wide Name zoning
  46. Click the Exhibit button.
    In the diagram shown, how should the zoning configuration be changed to better comply withNetApp best practices?
    A.four zones, each with one initiator, first two with the first target port and the second two with the second target port
    B.two zones, each with two initiators and one target port
    C.two zones, each with all four initiators and one target port
    D.four zones, each with one initiator and both target ports
  47. What is NetApp’s recommended best practice for zone configuration?
    A.All zones should contain a single initiator and all the targets that initiator accesses.
    B.Individual zones can get too complicated. It is better to simply configure one default zone with all devices contained in it.
    C.All devices from the same vendor should be in one zone.
    D.All zones should contain a single target and all the initiators using that target.
  48. Click the Exhibit button.
    In the cabinet diagram shown, what additional information should be included to make it morecomplete?
    A.switch connectivity port connectivity shelf connectivity controller rack placement
  49. What information needs to be included in a cabinet diagram? (Choose three.)
    A.NetApp storage system login information
    B.physical location of the rack in the data center controller configuration information
    D.rack identifying information
    E.location in the rack of NetApp storage controllers and storage shelves
    B, D and E
  50. When building your implementation plan, providing dual power for all systems is critical.Which three actions should be mandated? (Choose three.)
    A.Dual power supplies should be placed in all equipment.
    B.Dual power feeds should be run to all equipment.
    C.Power feeds should be connected to the closest available outlet inside the cabinet.
    D.Power feeds should be connected to separate circuits on the same data center PDU.
    E.Power feeds should be connected to separate outlets connected to two separate PDUs.
    A, B and E
  51. Which command do you use on a Cisco switch to view the currently active zoneset? zone analysis zoneset active running-config config active
  52. Which command do you use on a Brocade switch to view all defined zone configurationinformation?
    A.cfgActvShow zone
  53. When assessing a current storage solution, it is critical to document the current NetApp storagesystem configuration.Which factor should NOT be considered when documenting this existing configuration?
    A.Data ONTAP version
    B.current data layout (RAID groups, aggregates, volumes, etc…) system name and IP power cables and power usage
  54. Click the Exhibit button.
    In the diagram shown, a portset is created on controller 1 with the command: controller1>portsetcreate -fntapportset conroller1:0b. This port set is bound to the igroup with all the intiators in it. How many paths can the host 1 see to a LUN on controller 1?
    A.six paths
    B.four paths
    C.three paths path
  55. What is the functionality of the latest Data ONTAP DSM for Windows?
    A.It can handle FCP and iSCSI paths to the same LUN.
    B.It allows you to take snapshots for both FCP and iSCSI LUNS.
    C.It allows you to enable ALUA on the igroup from the host.
    D.It allows you to create new LUNs from the host.
  56. A company is planning to use physical Raw Device Mappings (RDMs) in their ESX environment.Which LUN type should they use on the NetApp storage system if they want to prevent LUN I/Oalignment issues?
    A.They should use the VMware LUN type.
    B.They should use the LUN type matching the guest operating system.
    C.ESX will automatically align I/O on WAFL boundaries if NetApp host utilities is installed.
    D.Any UNIX LUN type will work since it is an RDM.
  57. For which four operations would you use igroup throttles on a NetApp storage solution? (Choosefour.) assign a specific percentage of the queue resources on each physical port to the igroup manage pathing to the LUNs reserve a minimum percentage of queue resources for a specific igroup limit the number of concurrent I/O requests an initiator can send to the storage system restrict an igroup to a maximum percentage of use manage space reclamation
    A, C, D and E
  58. Which three statements are true about Asymmetric Logical Unit Access (ALUA)? (Choose three.)
    A.It is a set of SCSI commands for discovering and managing multiple paths to LUNs on Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs.
    B.It requires Array Support Library (ASL), a proprietary vendor library.
    C.It allows the initiator to query the target about path attributes, such as primary path and secondary path.
    D.It no longer requires proprietary SCSI commands.
    E.It works in standby and single_image cfmodes.
    A, C and D
  59. What should you do to test NetApp storage controller failover in a high availability FCenvironment?
    A.shut down the FC switch in the fabric that the storage controller is attached to
    B.shut down FC ports on the FC switch that the storage controller is attached to
    C.pull FC cables connecting the storage controller to the FC switch
    D.issue the takeover command on either storage controller
  60. What is the appropriate method for testing high availability controller failover?
    A.pull a power cord from a power supply on a controller
    B.shut down a controller
    C.issue the takeover command from a controller
    D.issue the giveback command from a controller
  61. What should you do to verify FC connectivity between the host and the FC switch? the FC switch Ethernet port from the host
    B.check the FC switch for light on the FC port
    C.check the FC switch for the WWPN of the host HBA
    D.check the FC switch for the port type of the host port
  62. Which components must you configure when configuring CHAP to be used with iSCSI?, Ethernet switch, storage controllers and storage controllers only only controllers only
  63. A company has an assortment of operating systems in their environment. Which operating systemis NOT currently supported by NetApp for their FC solutions?
    A.Windows 2008 Server
    B.Solaris 10
    C.Windows NT
  64. NetApp supports multiple FC paths from the host to the NetApp storage controllers. In addition tousing multiple FC switches, which other NetApp supported components should you use for thistype of configuration?
    A.multipathing host software, multiple storage controllers with multiple target ports each
    B.HBA with driver and firmware, multiple storage controllers with multiple target ports each
    C.HBA with driver and firmware, multipathing host software, multiple storage controllers with multiple initiator ports each
    D.HBA with driver and firmware, multipathing host software, multiple storage controllers with multiple target ports each
  65. A company has FC patch panels in their data center. They plan on using them to interconnect theirstorage controllers to the FC switches and the hosts using the storage. They have 62.5 microncable between the patch panels. Which cable should you use on the NetApp storage controller’sTarget Ports to make this a supported configuration?
    A.long wave SFPs, 62.5 micron FC cable
    B.short wave SFPs, 50 micron FC cable
    C.short wave SFPs, 62.5 micron FC cable
    D.long wave SFPs, 50 micron FC cable
  66. When planning for fault tolerant power connections, how should each device to be connected?
    A.with a single power feed
    B.with dual power feeds
    C.with dual power feeds connected to separate outlets
    D.with dual power feeds connected to separate circuits
  67. Which three tasks can SnapDrive perform? (Choose three.)
    A.expand LUNs on the fly
    B.perform SnapVault updates of qtrees to a SnapVault destination
    C.utilize SnapMirror to replicate individual qtrees
    D.manage quotas on qtrees
    E.perform iSCSI session management
    A, B and E
  68. What is the significance of using a specific LUN type when creating LUNs manually on a NetAppstorage system?
    A.The LUNs offset, size of the prefix and suffix is determined by the LUN type, which differs for different operating systems.
    B.The LUN types are merely for administrative ease of use and the LUN types can be changed on the fly after creation.
    C.The LUN types allow the appropriate host operating systems to use the LUN. For example, a VMware type LUN cannot be read from /written to using a Solaris host.
    D.The host operating system will panic when the “wrong” LUN type is selected on the NetApp storage system.
  69. What are two functions of iSCSI access lists? (Choose two.)
    A.control the network interfaces on the storage system that an initiator can access
    B.define authentication parameters(CHAP)
    C.limit the number of network interfaces advertised by the storage system
    D.define MPIO behavior
    A and C
  70. What are two possible impacts to consider when changing the cfmode to single_image?. (Choosetwo.)
    A.There more paths to LUNs.
    B.Target port WWPNs will change on at least one controller.
    C.You must use hard zoning (zoning by ports).
    D.There are fewer paths to LUNs.
    E.hosts running Solaris since it does not support single_image cfmode
    A and B
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