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    • The director of human resources or designee will issue a written promotional opportunity announcement at least___ prior to test date.
    • 90 days
  1. What is the discipline for being late for a detail?
    First offense- verbal counseling document in person platoon jacket

    Second offense- within a 12 month period written reprimand documented in jacket

    Third offense- 45 days suspended from working detail. Progressive after that.
  2. What reports will be completed after an exposure?
    • - Offense report
    • - A supervisor and employee report of exposure of on the job accident form
    • - City of West Palm Beach exposure notification report.
    • All reports will be forwarded to the environment health and safety office.
  3. An employee who has knowledge of a Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) violation are encouraged to report violatin to?
    • -Supervisor
    • -Department director
    • - or city EEO compliance officer in HR
  4. Supervisors are responsible are responsible for promoting an environment free of EEO violation and should report achy violation to?
    EEO compliance officer in HR
  5. EEO violations do not have to be filed within the chain of command?
  6. What are the 3 reasons to call the Fire medic after OC spray?
    • - the suspects ask for medics
    • - the effect of the spray do not diminish after 15 minutes or not relieved after 45 minutes
    • - There is an unusual physical reaction inconsistent with what's taught in training
  7. Spit mask must be placed so that the top straps are?
    Top strap over the ear and bottom strap under the ear and on the neck.
  8. No subject with a spit mask should be left unattended?
  9. What goes on the left side of a property bag?
    • - jewlery
    • -keys
    • - credit cards
    • - ID
    • - cell phone
    • - unaccepted monies foreign money and checks
    • - blank checks
    • - empty wallet
    • Right side of bag should contain cash and check facility government checks
  10. The first CIT officer on scene shall be responsible for the entire incident to include?
    • -Dialogue with mental I'll person
    • -Action need to be taken
    • -paperwork
    • Unless otherwise directed by supervisor. The supervisor will take full responsibility of scene and must submit report to CIT commander by the end of shift.
  11. West Palm PD will not conduct investigation into cases of missing adults who?
    Do not have unusual or suspicious circumstances or without foul play being suspected.
  12. Prior to effecting an arrest for an injunction the officer will?
    -Unsure that the respondent was previously served with a certified copy of injunction. After valid the injunction is valid in all counties in Florida
  13. All members are required to comply with 4 code of conducts?
    • - department standard operating procedures.
    • - rules and regulations
    • - law enforcement code of ethics
    • - The police code of conduct
  14. Every ____ reviews will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for evaluation of organizational components and also to evaluate success rate made towards attaining of goals and objectives with a current fiscal year.
    6 months
  15. When a police initiated action relies on the race, ethnicity characteristics or national origin rather than the behavior of an individual it is considered___?
    Bias based racial profiling
  16. When computing and interpreting adverse impact data ___ rule will be used during the recruitment and selection process.
    The 80% Rule
  17. A person applying for a position can not have used any illegal substance or medication not prescribed to them by a licensed physician within ___of application
    2 years
  18. Destruction of selection process materials is the responsibility of___
    recruitment Sergeant
  19. Any candidate who does not successfully complete the physical abilities test may be retested at the next available test date after ___days
    30 days
  20. Candidates application who are not selected must be maintained West Palm Beach Police Department for a period of before destruction.
    2 years
  21. Applications for specialized assignment will be accepted for a minimum of ____ days after the initial post.
    14 days
  22. The application review panel 4 specialized assignments what consist of the following?
    • -- division commander from the area of the vacancy
    • --- a supervisor from the area of the vacancy
    • --- A supervisor not from the area of the vacancy
  23. Copies of the application for each specialized assignment names and review panel will be kept in staff Services section for a minimum of___ years
    3 years
  24. What special assessments allows you to stay in the unit for 3 years before rotating out?
    • -- motorcycle officer
    • --- observer
    • --- QRT team
    • -- accreditation manager
    • -- policy and procedure officer
    • - criminal investigations officer
    • -- training supervisor
    • ---- applicant processing officer
    • ---- water catchment detail
    • --- entertainment district
    • --- PAL officer
  25. What special unit allows you to stay on 5 years before rotating off?
    • -- motorcycle sergeant
    • --- organized crime
    • ---- Crime prevention
    • ---- Criminal investigations supervisor
    • --- Training Coordinator
    • --- Range master
    • --- homicide squad
  26. Crime prevention officers are responsible for preparing ___reports to the Chief of Police through their chain of command
  27. What is the alert number that crime prevention officers have on their phone?
  28. When a community neighborhood suffered extensive damage during the hurricane their report to the____ rally point
    Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  29. Eyewatch is a two way radio network that operates between downtown security and the police department and operates on channel___?
  30. ____will ensure that a convenant not to sue release and indemnification agreement form is completed by prior to a ride along.
    Shift commander
  31. All ride alongs must be at least 18 years of age except for explorers that qualify can be___?
    16 years old
  32. There is no restrictions placed on the media conducting ride alongs for times, number of ride along in this category how is the right one becomes a description or problem the officer may discharge the rider at ___
    On duty shift commanders office
  33. When the officer is driving a marked police vehicle while off duty they will be equipped with the police ID police radio handcuffs OC Spray firearm and spare magazine
  34. Officer inspection reports will be kept for___
    3 years
  35. Staff inspection unit shell forward the completed original inspection report to___ for signature and review
    Chief of Police
  36. The collective bargaining agreement unit represents all sworn police officers and non-sworn personnel who fall under the umbrella of the contract
  37. Public Safety guides (PSG) are non sworn employees who are part of the police department that work downtown part time they will not work more than ___ hours a week
    24 hours in a week
  38. The fiscal year begins___ and ends___ of the following calendar year
    Begins October 1st and ends Sept 30th
  39. Refreshments can only be purchased from petty cash if it is purchased for host for attendees from outside agencies are citizens
  40. A petty cash slip ___ will be completed indicating the amount purpose case number and proper account number to be chargeder to be charged.
    Petty cash slip (FN039)
  41. When a person loses or damage personal item a report must be completed with the division commander reviewing it and it must be forwarded an authorized ___
    Critical service bureau administrator
  42. Personal property loss or damage will be reimbursed by a check unless it is under___ then it would be reimbursed by petty cash
  43. It is the responsibility of___ to check extra duty details to confirm an assigned officer has reported on time
    On duty road patrol supervisor
  44. All recommendations by the awards board will be submitted to the chief no later___ days prior to the end of the month following the end of the quarter
    7 days
  45. All awards will be announced no later than___ day of the month following the end of the quarter
    Last day
  46. What is the initial alcohol testing used called?
    Evidential breath testing device (EBT)
  47. A dependent of an employee may use the EAP program as long as they fit the following two categories:
    • -'Children who depend upon the employee for at least 50% of support
    • -- children who are full-time students under the age of 21
  48. The FTO to program is a ___ week training program
    16 week
  49. A recruit in FTO normally would be transferred every___weeks to a different FTO officer.
    3 weeks
  50. To be certified as a Florida Department of Transportation certified school crossing guard trainer must attend a ___ day training program through FDOT with the first ___ hours covering background information.
    • - 2 day
    • -6 hours
  51. In the absence of the police information officer (PIO) the following personnel are authorized to release information to the news media?
    • - at the scene of an incident command staff or supervisor in charge at a scene.
    • - information from agency file released only by Commission staff with authorization from highest command- officer within affected area
    • - information concerning ongoing criminal investigation command still Criminal Investigation Division lieutenant or the case detective having direct knowledge of the investigation
  52. Missions of victims in this and it will normally be released with the following exceptions:
    • - child abuse neglect
    • - victims of sexual offences
    • - deceased victims will not be released until notification of next of kin
  53. Results of any examinations conducted will not be released this includes the following:
    • - refusal to submit an examination
    • - a polygraph/voice stress analysis
    • - description of evidence and existence of and or text of any confession
  54. The validation unit must validate all identified records within __days
    45 days
  55. Stolen license plates will remain on file for __year following the plates expiration year as shown in the records plus 4 years
    1 year
  56. Whenever there is a disaster of any nature the___ located at the water treatment plant dispatch center will be activated. And will operate on one channel.
    Emergency operating center (EOC)
  57. Name 3 blood Borne pathogens?
    • -Hepatitis
    • -HIV
    • - AIDS
  58. The emergency response kit in the police car contains the following 7 items?
    • - latex gloves
    • - Bio hazardous red plastic bag
    • - antibacterial soap
    • - plastic containers for syringes and sharps
    • - Germicidal disposal wipes
    • - face shield
    • - An air resuscitation mask one way valve
  59. In Domestic abuse ___ can be provided to the victim so that he/she is assigned a confidential address
    Address confidential program (APC)
  60. Who can be designated the dive team commander?
    A Sgt or above
  61. A minimum of ___diver will respond to a request for dive service
    3 divers
  62. How many officers will be dispatched to a Excited Delirium call?
    4 officers
  63. During a emergency incident accountability system a ___ system will be used to compliment the ICS and is expandable to other city department
    The Passport Accountability system
  64. The incident commander is responsible for completing an after actions report within ___ days of a incident.
    10 days
  65. K-9 will utilize what length lead to track?
    • 6 foot
    • 15 foot
    • 30 foot it all depends on terrain
  66. If a missing child or adult is not located within ____days after report is files detectives can obtain DNA from family
    90 days
  67. Under extraordinary circumstances a missing person age___ can us the silver alert plan as long as the person has irreversible deteriorate intellectual faculties.
    Age 18 to 59
  68. If a prisoner begins to choke gag or vomit the officer will ensure the air way is not compromised. The officer should be prepared to remove the spit mask immediately
  69. The spit mask should not be used on a person unconscious or those that suffer from ___ problems
  70. No person shall be strip search for a traffic offense or misdemeanor unless it's ___?
    - violent in nature, which involves weapons or drugs and stolen property
  71. What room number is the interview room next to holding facility?
    #1050 this room can also be used as holding facility during emergency.
  72. A juvenile not under arrest will not be placed into a secured facility.
  73. During an emergency situation (major fire or disaster) and you are in booking with a 10-15 what should you do?
    • - rearm yourself if possible
    • - ensure the 10-15 are secure with cuffs and leg chains
    • - remove them from cell
    • - escort the 10-15 into sally port until situation is brought under control
    • - no officers will remove more then 2 10-15 at a time call back up if need be.
    • - If sally port is unsafe take 10-15 out of South door onto spine Rd
    • - Once on spine Rd place 10-15 in van/patrol vehicle then transport them to holding facility when safe to do so.
  74. When completing a evaluation on employee which category requires a written comments?
    Does not meet standards and exceeds standards. Meets standards does not require a comment.
  75. For an employee to recurve a overall of exceeds standards on their evaluation must have a minimum of?
    4 exceed standards dimensions and no does not meet standards
  76. An employee that does not meet standards in ____ dimensions will receive an overall does not meet standards.
    3 dimensions of does not meet standards
  77. During probation after FTO employee will receive a ___ evaluation until off probation
    Quarterly basis
  78. Promotion member will enter a 6 month probation and be evaluated after 6 months.
  79. Code 3 response is?
    Responding to a in progress emergency
  80. When carrying a off duty firearm all officers will complete a form ___ request to carry owned firearm form
    POL- 242
  81. What disarm caliber are excepted for carry for secondary weapon
    .380, 9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal in semiautomatics
  82. All rifles will carried in officer trunk and a secured case and the officer should have a copy of?
    Latest qualification form.
  83. All suspended no probationary employees who failed to qualify on the firearm will be given___days from the date of suspension to qualify.
    20 days
  84. The range kinetic energy projectiles consist of ___hour program designed by range master.
    12 hour
  85. After the kinetic impact projectile ordnance had been the shift commander will take the weapon ___and turn it over to the range master for inspection and reissue of the expendable round.
    Out of service
  86. Suggested distance of fire with the Taser is?
    7 -15 feet
  87. Both the laser (ECD) in the cartridges will not be stored in a vehicle for an extended period of time because ?
    The cartridge and the Taser are subject to both extreme cold and heat
  88. When a supervisor removes media from the MVR vault supervisor will do the following three things:
    • - note on the media label the date and time the media was removed from the MVR initial and ID of a supervisor removing
    • - ensure the tape is returned to the video media room where it is to be logged in for the required 90 day.
    • - if the media includes the recording of the any event place the case number on the label
  89. What is the 3 types of road blocks?
    • - moving roadblock
    • - fix roadblock
    • - Circle system roadblock
  90. Any vehicle that has been abandoned in the city streets disable, junked, wricked dismantlers an excess of ___ hours is in violation of city code
    24 hours
  91. An abandoned vehicle notice to the windshield will remain in place for at least ____days.
    5 days
  92. The key for the fourth floor storage area will be kept in the storage closet in the ____and secured in the key bank.
    Patrol area
  93. When a firearm is damaged or rusty and cannot be checked or unloaded the officer should hand deliver Crime Laboratory the gun with a clear marking on a container stating?
    Caution loaded firearm
  94. Whenever a physical arrest is warranted for a US military personnel the investigating officer supervisor will notify the appropriate branch of military
  95. Regarding a DUI the subject must be under arrest before they can be asked to submit to a___ and___ test?
    Breath and urine test
  96. ____ kits are available for use to patrol units and kept in the supervisors car an accident investigator units
    NIK kits blood collecting kits
  97. What does a NIK kits contain?
    • - 10 cc vaccun tube
    • - Grey stoppers
    • - preservative and anticoagulant
    • - syringe
    • - hypodermic needle and non alcohol cleaning swab
  98. During a fatality investigation if THI is not on duty a road supervisor will notify dispatch and dispatch will contact ___ .
    Traffic sergeant
  99. during a hostage negotiation the SWAT team SOP will take precedence when both teams are deployed.
  100. After a search warrant has been executed the search warrant must be returned to the original affidavit an application for search warrant and the inventory return form must be returned to the clerk of court within ___days
    10 days
  101. During Seizures and forfeitures the inventory form should be marked?
    Hold for forfeiture
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