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  1. pg52

    Class B foam proportions at what percent?
    1% to 6%
  2. pg53

    What are Type III application devices?
    • Foam cannon
    • Handheld nozzles
  3. pg53

    What is the foam application rate for Class B foams?
    application must exceed consumption
  4. pg53

    AFFF, FFFP, AR-AFFF on hydrocarbon spill fire.
    What should the discharge rate be?
    Equal to 10% of the area of the spill
  5. pg63

    How much does foam weigh?
    9lbs per gallon (includes weight of container)
  6. pg63

    How much does a 55gal drum of foam weigh?
    55gal - 495lbs
  7. pg63 

    How much do bulk containers of foam weigh?
  8. pg63

    How are UL listed foams containers tested?
    5gal pails?

    55gal drums?
    5gal pails- pass several 4ft drop tests while frozen

    55gal drums- withstand fall from 5ft while frozen
  9. pg63

    What are the capacity ranges for a foam tanker?
    1,500gal to 8,000gal
  10. pg64

    Foam tanks on emergency service pumpers can range from?
    20gal to 200gal
  11. p64

    How much foam is carried by ARFF apparatus?
    ARFF apparatus may carry in excess of 600gal
  12. pg64

    What do apparatus foam tanks need to be fitted with to prevent evaporation?
    • Airtight tank lid
    • and 
    • Vacuum/pressure vent
  13. pg74

    In-Line eductors develope their rated flow at what pressure?
    about 200psi
  14. pg65

    Fixed suppression systems may have foam tank capacities in excess of?
  15. pg74

    What size nozzle is in a 95gpm eductor?
    1/2" nozzle
  16. pg74  

    What is the flow of a 95gpm eductor at 150psi?
  17. pg74

    What is the flow of a 95gpm eductor at 250psi?
  18. pg74

    What are the flow ranges of eductors with a 
    1 1/2" outlet size?
    50gpm - 125gpm
  19. pg74

    How fast is water passing through the eductors venturi?
  20. pg75

    What is the max height an in-line eductor should be above the foam concentrate?
    should not be higher than 6ft
  21. pg76

    How much back pressure can an in-line foam eductor tolerate?
    Approximately 130psi
  22. pg76

    When do 125gpm eductors tend to be problematic?
    >50' of 1 1/2"hose is used

    >100' of 1 3/4"hose is used
  23. pg78

    When testing a 95gpm eductor, how much will it educt in about 60sec?
    more than 3gal but less than 4gal
  24. pg78

    When testing a 60gpm eductor how much should it educt in 60sec?
    almost 2gal
  25. pg78

    When testing a 125gpm eductor how much will it educt in 60sec?
    slightly more than 3.5gal
  26. pg79

    What are the flow capabilities of self-educting master stream foam nozzles?
    up to 12,000gpm
  27. pg80

    How far does a Jet Ratio Controller allow the concentrate to be from a self-educting master stream foam nozzle?
    as far as 3,000ft
  28. pg80

    The total amount of flow of water to the JRC only represents a portion of the total flow in the system.  How much is it?
    about 2 1/2% of the total flow in the system
  29. pg80

    What does the JRC proportion the concentrate at?
    66 2/3% solution
  30. pg80

    Portable Around the Pump Proportioners at 1% has a solution flow of?
    50gpm - 4,500gpm
  31. pg80

    Portable Around the Pump Proportioners at 3% has a solution flow of?
    50gpm - 1,500gpm
  32. pg80

    Portable Around the Pump Proportioners at 6% has a solution flow of?
  33. pg83

    What is the most common type of built in proportioner?
    Around the Pump
  34. pg83

    What kind of proportioner is most commonly used in fixed systems and large-scale mobile apparatus?
    Bypass-Type Balanced-Pressure Proportioners
  35. pg84

    Although greater concentrate flows may be possible in some applications, Variable Flow-Variable-Rate Direct Injection Systems provide foam concentrate rates from?
    .1% to 3%
  36. pg86

    What type of proportioning system are you limited by the size of the concentrate tank?
    Bladder-Tank Balanced-Pressure Proportioners
  37. pg86

    On a Fixed-Flow Direct-Injection Proportioner, what pressure does the concentrate pump operate at?
    Concentrate pump runs about 10psi higher than the water pump.
  38. pg87

    In hot climates, what should be done with apparatus-mounted foam tanks when the foam system are idle more than 60 days?
    • System to be operated for about 30sec every 
    • 2 months
  39. pg90

    What foams or foam systems are solid bore nozzles limited to?
    Class A foam

    Compressed Air Foam System
  40. pg90

    Fixed-flow or automatic fog nozzle's best applications are when used with what types of foam concentrate?
    • Class A foam
    • and
    • AFFF
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