Ch 3 Word Elements Words Part 1

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  1. hypodermic
    under or inserted under the skin, as in a hypodermic injection
  2. hidradenitis
    inflammation of a sweat gland
  3. sudoresis
    condition of profuse sweating (diaphoresis)
  4. ichthyosis
    any of several dermatologic conditions characterized by non-inflammatory dryness and scaling of the skin and commonly associated with other abnormalities of lipid metabolism
  5. keratosis
    any condition of the skin characterized by an overgrowth and thickening of the skin
  6. melanoma
    malignant tumor of melanocytes that commonly begin in a dark pigmented mole and can metastasize widely
  7. dermatomycosis
    fungal infection of the skin
  8. onychomalacia
    abnormal softening of the nails
  9. pilonidal
    growth of hair in a dermoid cyst or in a sinus opening on the skin
  10. trichopathy
    disease of the hair
  11. scleroderma
    chronic disease with abnormal hardening of the skin caused by formation of new collagen
  12. seborrhea
    increase in the amount and, commonly, an altercation of the quality of the fats secreted by the sebaceous glands
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