general rad tech info

  1. Optical Density
    Degree of image blackening
  2. Contrast
    The difference in density of any two areas on a radiograph
  3. Recorded Detail
    The ability to visualize small structures
  4. Distortion
    misrepresentation of the size or shape of any anatomical structure
  5. What three things control radiographic density
    • time (seconds)
    • Milliamperage (mA)
    • combination of milliamperage and time (mAs)
  6. What exposure factor controls radiographic contrast
    Kilovolt Peak (kVp)
  7. two details taht control magnification
    • OID
    • SID
  8. what is the easiest and most convenient method to prevent the spread of microorganisms
    washing hands
  9. compensating filter
    attenuating device used to compensate for varations in tissue densities
  10. simplest and most common filter shape is
  11. two materials used to make filters
    • leaded plastic
    • aluminum
  12. disadvantage of aluminum filters
    blocks field light
  13. composition of Boomerang
    silicon rubber compound
  14. disadvantage of plastic leaded filter
  15. ferlic swimmer's filter may improve
    lateral projections of the cervicothoracic spine
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