Urbane Cafe FAQs

  1. What comes with my sandwich?
    A side salad tossed with balsamic dressing, topped with feta cheese, and mandarin orange
  2. What are our dressings?
    Balsamic vinaigrette (house dressing; comes on side salad), Ranch (made in house), Chipotle Ranch (blend of ranch and chipotle chilies; little spice), Italian (if people ask for Italian, make sure they don't want Balsamic), Caesar (pre made), Cilantro Viniagrette (made in house), Chunky Bleu Cheese (pre made)
  3. What type of bread do we have?
    Foccacia bread made from scratch and baked in our hearth oven
  4. What is a hearth oven?
    Large pizza oven with bottom heat and topping flame
  5. How many oz of chicken?
  6. What kind of chicken?
    Never frozen, all natural, nitrate-free, grilled and baked in house,
  7. What type of turkey?
    We have all natural, nitrate free turkey
  8. Can we split a salad on two plates?
    Sorry, no. We would be happy to provide you with an extra plate.
  9. Are you a franchise?
    Sorry, we are a family business with 8 different locations in California
  10. What is tomato aioli sauce?
    A mix of marinara sauce, garlic, and mayo
  11. What dressing tastes good with that salad?
    House balsamic, chipotle ranch, and regular ranch are great
  12. What is in the chipotle ranch?
    A blend of house made ranch and chipotle peppers
  13. Can I sub chips for a salad?
    Yes, for 50 cents. Subbing fruit is free
  14. What's in the bread?
    Flour, wheat flour, salt, sugar, extra virgin olive oil
  15. Do you have any gluten free products?
    Turkey, chicken, salad
  16. What kind of tea do you have?
    Passion fruit and unsweetened
  17. What's in your balsamic vinaigrette?
    EVOO, balsamic vinegar, mustard
  18. What's in the chopped salad mix?
    Chopped green leaf lettuce, red cabbage, basil
  19. What's in the quinoa mix?
    Quinoa, corn, orange bell pepper, lime juice, cajun spices
  20. Do any products have MSG?
    Only a trace amount in Italian dressing
  21. Does the pesto have dairy or nuts?
    Pasteurized parmesan cheese, no nuts
  22. What are your other locations?
    Ventura, Valencia, Oxnard, Simi Valley, San Diego, Agoura, and Camarillo
  23. What is your best sandwich/specialty?
    So-Cal or Southwest sandwich, Urbane Cafe or Cilantro Chicken Salad
  24. Do you have nutritional info?
    Our website www.urbanecafe.com
  25. Best vegetarian sandwich?
  26. Menu with prices online?
  27. Sugar in balsamic vinaigrette?
    None added, just natural sugars from vinegar
  28. Goat cheese and feta pasteurized?
    yes and yes
  29. Do you make soups here?
    No, we receive them fresh a few times a week
  30. Do you make your cookies/bars here?
    No, sorry we receive them from a local bakery
  31. It is Urban or Urbane?
    Urbane which means polite, refined
  32. Do we have a low-cal dressing?
    No but the closest thing we have is our balsamic
  33. Which menu items have the lowest calorie count?
    Cilantro chicken salad
  34. Vegan menu items?
    Yes, you can create your own.
  35. Are the chipotle ranch and aioli really spicy?
    Have a bit of spice
  36. Is the pastrami lean?
    Yes, very lean
  37. Do we have pickles/jalapenos/coffee?
  38. Will we toss salads if requested?
    Sorry, we are unable to toss salads
  39. Are all meals free of preservatives or nitrates?
  40. Can we split a sandwich?
    Yes, just not salads, although we can offer an extra plate
  41. If someone asks for no cheese on sandwich...
    We still ask if they would like feta on the side salad
  42. What is soup 1?
  43. What is soup 2?
    Meat soup
  44. Can we get no tomato on protein salad?
    Sorry, our corn bean salsa has some tomato.
  45. How much for extra avocado?
    99 cents
  46. Are the soups gluten free?
  47. Are the aiolis gluten free?
    All except chipotle
  48. Do the chipotle items contain gluten?
    Yes - spicy chicken, chipotle aioli, chipotle ranch
  49. Which sandwiches can be made gluten free by using lettuce wraps?
    All EXCEPT southwest and fiesta chicken
  50. Is the BBQ sauce gluten free?
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