Sympathetics to lower

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  1. What is the parasympathetic innervation to the lower limb?
    NO parasympathetic nerve fibers to the lower limb
  2. Where does the lower limb get its sympathetic innervation?
    specifically from T10-L2 thoracolumbar outflow
  3. Where do the post ganglionic sympathetic fibers to the lower limb come from?
    white rami communicants synapse at the ganglion. leave sympathetic chain via gray ramus communicans to join with a peripheral nerve branch
  4. What so the postganglionic sympathetic fibers supply in the lower leg?
    • - blood vessels of the skin and skeletal muscles
    • - sweat glands and erector pili muscles of the skin
  5. Where are the lumbar sympathetics from?
  6. That is the rout of the lumbar sympathetics?
    • -lumbar sympathetics supplying vessels and skin of the lower limb pass via their gray rami communicans to the femoral and obturator nerves
    • -they piggyback on the nerves
    • 1. joining the femoral nerve travel in the main nerve trunk and its branches to reach the femoral artery and its branches
    • 2.-joining the obturator nerve reach the obturator artery and its branches as they pass close to each other at the obturator canal
  7. Are there sympathetic fibers originating from sacral levels?
    • NO…T10-L2
    • There are ONLY GRAY RAMI COMMUNICANS that are seen running between the sympathetic chain and spinal nerve
  8. Where do gray rami communicants exit the chain?
    L4-S3 to piggyback on the tibial nerve reaching the popliteal fossa
  9. Are there white rami in spinal nerves below L2?
  10. obturator nerve into obturator memebrane
    • carry post ganglionic
    • nerve synapse and go to artery
  11. Raynaud;s Phenomenon
    • -condition in which blood flow to the surface tissue of the hands and feet is temporarily decreased
    • -usually as an over-response to cold temperatures
  12. Signs and Symptoms of Raynaud's
    • -constriction of blood vessels- causes sporadic muscle contractions
    • - tingling of the fingers and toes that leads to color change (pink  purple  black)
    • - highest prevalence in 30-35 year old females that are stressed and/or smokers
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