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  1. what does the surgical team consist of (4)
    • surgeon
    • certified surgical technologist
    • radiologic technologist
    • scrub(CST or RN)
  2. what should you do if you slightly brush against a sterile drape in surgery
    tell someone so they can resterilize the filed because it has been contaminated
  3. when an xray tech is in the OR are we in the sterile or non sterile field
    non sterile field
  4. In the OR where must we not step or walk in between
    between the sterile corridor from sterile field to the patient on the table
  5. how can we reduce radiation dose overall when using the c-arm
    to remember to keep the x-ray tube below the table or on the bottom side
  6. when using the c-arm should it be close are far away from pt on the table
    close as possible
  7. what is the lateral hip pinning position called or the proximal femur in lateral position (the name of method used for this projection)
    daniulus miller method
  8. when using the c-arm where is the proper place to stand
    on the image intensifier side
  9. sprain:
    • forced wrenching or twisting of a joint resulting in partial rupture or tearing of supporting ligaments
    • a break in a bone
    • a bruise type injury w/o a fx or break in the skin
  10. medial angulation is termed
    lateral angulation is termed
    • varus
    • valgus
  11. simple fx;
    compund fx:
    • bone does not break through skin
    • bone protrudes through skin (open fx)
  12. impacted fx:
    one fragment driven into another
  13. colle fx:
    posterior displacement of distal radius
  14. monteggias fx:
    proximal ulna along with dislocation of radial head
  15. potts fx:
    ankle fx of distal fibula with frequent fx of medial malleolus
  16. what is a fx wherein the fragments overlap and the shafts make contact but not at the fz ends
    bayonet apposition
  17. a faint fx line in the bone cortex that is seen on one side of bone with a slight bulging oor wrinkle like defect on the opposite side is a
    A.colles fx
    B.nursemaid fx
    C.torus fx
    D.greenstick fx
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  18. what is the number one trauma adaptation positioning rule
    two projections at 90 deg from each other which requires adaptation of the cr and IR placement
  19. long bone studies require what about the joints
    Follow up studies require what
    • both joints must be included
    • only the joint closest to the injury
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