neuro 6

  1. asia scale, what to test for C5
    elbow flexors
  2. asia scale, what to test for C6
    wrist extensors
  3. asia scale, what to test for C7
    elbow extensor
  4. asia scale, what to test for C8
    finger flexion
  5. asia scale, what to test for T1
    finger abd (pinky)
  6. asia scale, what to test for L2
    hip flex
  7. asia scale, what to test for L3
    knee ext
  8. asia scale, what to test for L4
  9. asia scale, what to test for L5
    hallux ext
  10. asia scale, what to test for S1
  11. cerebral palsy basic def
    • nonprogressive disorders
    • 2/2 damage to CNS
    • characterized by voluntary movement impairments
    • exp common in premies
  12. 4 major causes of cerebral palsy
    • hemorrhage below lining of ventricles
    • hypoxic encephalophaty
    • malformations
    • trauma to CNS
  13. describe spastic CP
    • most common type of CP
    • UMN problems --> spasticity --> hemi, para, or tetraplegia
    • affected limbs have increased DTRs and  muscle tone
    • abnormal postures and movements with mass patterns of flex or ext
    • weakness
    • contractures
  14. common gait deviations in spastic CP
    • scissors gait
    • toe walking
  15. athetoid CP results from __ involvement
    basal gangli
  16. athetoid CP presentation
    • slow, writhing, invol movements in extremeties
    • decreased muscle tone,
    • poor functional stability in prox joints
    • poor visual tracking
    • speech delay
    • oral-motor problems
    • ATNR, STNR, tonic labyrinthine may persist
  17. ataxic CP results from __ involvement
  18. presentation of ataxic CP
    • weakness
    • poor coordination
    • intention tremor
    • unsteady
    • WBOS
    • difficulty with rapid or fine mvmnt

    this is uncommon
  19. what do you need to know about necks in Down's?
    avoid forceful flexion and rotation bc of atlantoaxial ligamentous instability ... could sublux, could get SCI
  20. Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy - basic description
    • genetic disease
    • affects males
    • destroys muscle cells
  21. DMD presents how?
    • prox to distal weakness
    • boys 3-7 y/o
  22. DMD gait issues
    • waddling gait pattern
    • toe walking
    • lordosis
    • falls
    • Gower's sign
    • problem w stairs due to weak gluts and quads
    • contractures, deformities
    • shorted heel cords
    • kyphoscoliosis (afer 11 y/o)
  23. exercising someone with muscular dystrophy?
    don't do it at max level bc could injure muscle tissue
  24. Becker muscular dystrophy
    like DMD, but slower and later development
  25. talipes equinovarus
    • club foot / severe IR at ankle
    • seen in spina bifida / myelomengingocele
  26. Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
    aka __
    • peroneal muscular atrophy
    • PNS disease
    • hereditary disorder of peroneal and distal leg muscles
    • foot drop, stork leg deformity (atrophy of calves)
    • loss of sensation
    • can be painful,
    • can progress to involve vocal cords, hands, breathing, scoliosis, GI, tremor
  27. legg-calve-perthes disease
    • idiopathic aseptic necroseis of femoral capital epiphysis, though it usually grows back
    • usually unilateral
    • boys 5-10 y/o
  28. treatment for legg-calve-perthes
    • prolonged bed rest
    • mobile traction & slings
    • casting
    • hip abd orthosis
  29. autonomic dysreflexia
    happens in who?
    most common cause
    do what
    • lesions above T6
    • bladder distension (could also be rectal distension, pressure sores, urinary stones, infections, etc)
    • bring pt to sitting an look for the trigger
  30. what level SCI can live indep
    what level can use a walker and KAFOs w/ supervision at home
    indep household ambulators
    community ambulators
    • C6 (if very motivated)
    • T6-8
    • T9-12
    • T12-L3
  31. vital capacity, by percent, for C1-3, C3-4, C6-8, high thoracic, low thoracic
    • <15%
    • 15%
    • 30%, up to 70% at DC
    • 73%
    • 100%
  32. cough quality by level of injury
    • C1-T3 weak or nonfunctional
    • T4-8 weak
    • T10 and below funcional
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