study guide 8

  1. Don't walk within how many ft of propellers?
    10 ft
  2. What are 3 categories of high-rise response?
    • -fire alarm activation
    • -report of smoke/fire
    • -working fire/sprinkler activation determine by first units
  3. In high-rise, what units on the fire floor?
    2 engines and 1 rescue
  4. What is the weakest link in high-rise operation?
    human behavior
  5. What is max number of FF in elevator?
    6 FF plus an operator
  6. When traveling in elevator, stop how many floors and why?
    stop every 5th floor, check hoist way for smoke and water
  7. Elevators malfunction what % under emergency conditions?
  8. What are the 4 classes of standpipes?
    class 1-FF use, 2 1/2 outlet, 500gpm

    class 2-occupant use, 1 1/2 outlet, 100gpm

    class 3-FF/occupant, 2 1/2 and 1 1/2, 500gpm

    class 4-standpipe and sprinkler, combination system
  9. Fire code requires hydrants to be within how many ft of FDC?
    100 ft
  10. What is the risk management plan?
    • -risk a lot to save savable lives
    • -risk a little to save savable property
    • -risk nothing to save what is already lost
  11. How far to position apparatus from involved structure?
    30 ft
  12. What are the 3 broken stream nozzles?
    cellar, piercing, chimney
  13. What is max operating pressure for 5" hose?
    185 psi
  14. What 2 factors greatly effect ventilation operations?
    wind and stack effect
  15. What is the first engine functions at high-rise of report of smoke and fire?
    • -determine fire floor
    • -verify fire floor
    • -assume fire floor division
    • -determine all clear of attack stairwell
    • -initiate fire attack operations
  16. What does a standard attack team consist of?
    2 engines and 1 ladder
  17. In high-rise, how determine pump discharge pressure?
    100 psi, plus 5 psi for each floor above the first
  18. Two categories of smoke control systems?
    shaft protection and floor protection
  19. What are 3 stairwell designations?
    attack, ventilation, evacuation
  20. 2 methods of ventilation?
    natural and mechanical
  21. 2 types of ventilation?
    horizontal and vertical
  22. The safety pin on the deck gun locks at what angle?
    35 degrees
  23. Bumper assemblies have been known to travel how far?
    25 ft
  24. Which battery cable do you disconnect first?
  25. 3 strategies for fighting tire fires?
    burn it, bury it, drown it
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