1. pg1
    Where are official copies of JFRD Official Documents stored?
    in a Master File at the Training Academy
  2. JFRD mission statement?
    To minimize the loss of life and property resulting from fire, medical emergencies, and other disasters through prevention, education, fire suppression, emergency medical service, and emergency preparedness.
  3. pg6
    Who gives permission for personnel to formally represent the JFRD in or out of uniform?
    • Director/Fire Chief
    • or
    • Duty Division Chief
  4. pg7
    Who gives permission to loan property outside the department?
    Division Chief of Services
  5. Who gives authorization to someone other than JFRD personnel to ride on a JFRD vehicle?
    • Director/Fire Chief
    • or
    • Appropriate Division Chief
  6. pg8
    Who gives permission to smoke while at an emergency scene?
    Incident Commander
  7. pg8
    Who does personnel submit current copies of all certificates and licenses required by JFRD to?
    The Training Division
  8. pg8
    JFRD personnel that have a damage suit filed against them, relating to an act performed by them in the line-of-duty, furnish a copy to who?
    Office of General Counsel through chain of command
  9. pg9
    Who do you notify if your driver's license has been suspended or revoked?

    Supervisor will notify the Director/Fire Chief through the chain of command
  10. pg9
    Personnel who apply and receive a temporary work permit after their license is suspended shall only be permitted to drive after notifying who?
    Notify and receive approval from the Director/Fire Chief
  11. pg10
    What is the definition of 1st due?
    What an engine would respond to single shot
  12. pg10
    What is the definition of 1st Alarm?
    • What an engine would respond to on a house fire.
    • 3rd due
  13. pg10
    What is the definition of 2nd Alarm?
    • What an engine would respond to on a second alarm.
    • 4th due
  14. pg10
    What is the definition of an emergency?
    Any situation declared an emergency by the JFRD or by a physician.
  15. pg11
    What is the definition of Senior?
    More time of employment

    Same rank, it refers to the employee with more time in grade.
  16. pg11
    What are SOP's?
    Policies that govern day to day operations.
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