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  1. 3 stages of motor learning
    • cognitive - trial and error to understand the task
    • associative - refinement - concentrate on how to do it, rather than what
    • autonomous - it's automatic now
  2. asymmetrical tonic neck reflex (ATNR)
    head rotates to one side, and the nose-side UE and LE extends, occipital side UE LE flex
  3. ATNR should last from __ to __
    birth to 4-6 months
  4. crossed extension reflex
    noxious stim to ball of foot of LE in extension, and the contralat LE should flex, then add and ext

    (pt w hemiplegia -- lift uninvolved LE off ground in amb, and involved leg should have increased extensor tone)
  5. crossed extension reflex lasts when to when
    28 wks gestation to 1-2 months
  6. equilibrium reactions
    tilt person to one side, and limbs should ext and abd on that side
  7. onset of equilibrium reaction
    • 6 months in prone
    • 7-8 months in supine and sitting
    • 9-12 in kneeling
    • 12-21 in standing

    it's never integrated, rather we keep it
  8. grasp reflex
    maintain pressure in palm or plantar surface of foot, and hand should grasp or toes should flex
  9. grasp reflex, when to when?
    • palmar: birth to 4-6 months
    • plantar: 28 wks gestation to 9 months
  10. Landau's reflex 
    • lift kid in prone with your hand on thorax,
    • head, then back and legs should extend
  11. Landau's reflex, when to when?
    3 mo to 2 years
  12. optical and labyrinthine righting reflexes
    tip kid in various directions and head should orient to vertical, mouth should be horizontal

    for labyrinthine, cover the eyes
  13. optical and labyrinthine righting reflexes, when to when?
    birth or 2 months - forever
  14. positive supporting reaction
    stim to ball of foot while standing --> rigid ext of LE w PF, inv, toes clawing, hip IR

    can't ambulate if this is present bc can't DF or properly move leg jts
  15. positive supporting reaction in pt with CP
    adductor spasm may occur
  16. positive supporting reaction in pt with hemiplegia
    may produce hip abd
  17. positive supporting reaction when to when?
    birth - 6 months
  18. protective extension reaction
    when to when
    • if tilted, abd limbs on that sie
    • onset: arms 4-6 months, legs 6-9 months
    • integration: persists
  19. rooting reflex
    when to when
    • stim side of face w light touch and kid turns head that way and opens month
    • birth - 3 months
  20. symmetrical tonic neck reflex
    when to when
    • flex head: UE flex, LE ext
    • ext head: UE ext, LE flex
    • 4-6 months to 8-12
  21. tonic labyrinthine reflex
    when to when
    • in prone: increased flex tone
    • in supine: increased ext tone
    • (body curls towards the floor each way)
    • birth to 6 months
  22. traction reflex
    when to when
    • grasp forearm and pull from supine to sit -- pt should flex UE and head lags behind, then lifts, then flexes
    • 28 wks gestation to 2-5 months
  23. apgar ranges
    • 4 or less -- requires immediate care
    • 5-6 - some care
    • 7-10 normal
  24. Erb's palsy - the pathology?
    C5-C6 are stretched during birthing
  25. Erb's palsy - weak where? what posture?
    • weak: GH abd, ER, elbow flexion, supination
    • posture: waiter's tip -- GH is add, IR
  26. Klumpke's paralysis -- pathology?
    C8 and T1 nerve roots are stretched during birth process
  27. Klumpke's paralysis - presents how?
    • weak hand and wrist flexors
    • claw hand appearance is common
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