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  1. responds to the effects of Boyle's law and accelerated inert gas elimination during oxygen breathing
    Decompression illness
  2. responds to both the increased oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, and newly recognized mechanisms involving mitochodrial function and leukocyte adherence
    carbon monoxide poisoning
  3. respond to the bacteriostatic and possibly bacteriocidal effects of hyperbaric oxygen and HBO's support of partially ischemic tissue
    clostridial gas gangrene and selected mixed soft tissue infections
  4. benefit from oxygen-mediated vasoconstriction (without component hypoxia) and hyperoxygenation
    acute traumatic ischemia, crush injuries, and acute exceptional blood loss anemia
  5. derive benefit from the angiogenic response of intermittent hyperbaric hypoxia
    non-healing ischemic wounds
  6. respond to the improved oxygen carrying capacity of blood under conditions of hyperbaric hyperoxia
    compromised skin flaps (may also limit leukocyte mediated ischemia-reperfusion injury)
  7. antimicrobial effects
    destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and especially pathogenic microorganisms
  8. vasoconstriction
    the narrowing (constriction) of blood vessels by small muscles in their walls. When blood vessels constrict, blood flood is slowed or blocked
  9. hyperoxygenation
    to oxygenate the blood with greater levels than normally found
  10. neovascularization
    the formation of functional microvascular networks with red blood cell perfusion
  11. attenuation of reperfusion injury
    oxygenates the tissues, making them more responsive to the newly returning blood to an ischemic area
  12. gas bubble reduction
    reduces the size and quantity of undiluted bubbles of gas in the blood stream and tissues
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