GRE Vocab

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  1. Placid
    Calm; peaceful
  2. Enfranchise
    Give voting rights
  3. Remuneration
    Payment for work done
  4. Bilk
    Cheat; defraud
  5. Plaudit
    Statement giving strong praise
  6. Epistle
    a letter
  7. hidebound
    rigid in opinions
  8. decathlon
    an athletic competition with ten events
  9. larceny
    theft; robbery; stealing
  10. ponderous
    weighty; slow and heavy
  11. timorous
    cowardly; fearful
  12. largess
  13. pontificate
    speak pompously or dogmatically
  14. portent
    a warning sign; omen
  15. espouse
    promote; take up; support
  16. obviate
    make unnecessary
  17. poseur
    someone who puts on an act
  18. torpid
    inactive; lazy; stagnant
  19. bulwark
    fortification; barricade; wall
  20. posterity
    future generations
  21. torpor
    dormancy; sluggishness; inactivity
  22. rigor
  23. ignominious
    shameful; disgraceful
  24. exceptionable
    very bad; causing disapproval
  25. deplore
    regret (secondary def)

    strong disapproval (first def)
  26. execrable
    extremely bad or unpleasant
  27. immoderate
    excessive; extreme

    (ex. drinking)
  28. opaque
    does not let light through
  29. exegis
    scholarly explanation or interpretation

    (esp of a scripture)
  30. precept
    guiding principle

    (ex. moral precept)
  31. trite
    unoriginal; dull (cliche)
  32. abiding
    lasting a long time; enduring

    (ex. a feeling or a memory)
  33. precinct
    district of a city
  34. arcane
    understood by few; mysterious or secret
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