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    • what are the three general classifications of communications protocols
    • open
    • closed
    • hybrid
  1. what does RFC stand for
    request for comment
  2. what does IETF stand for
    internet engineering task force
  3. what is the TCP/IP reference mode from top down
    • application
    • host-to-host
    • internetwork
    • network interface
  4. what does TCP stand for
    transmission control protocol
  5. what does UDP stand for
    user datagram protocol
  6. what internet protocol version does the internet use
    version 4 IPv4
  7. how many bits are IPv4
  8. which IP classes provide host addressing support
    • class A
    • class B
    • class C
  9. a datagram sent by a higher level protocol to a network of ___ address should loopback inside the host
  10. what must be assigned to each host on the network
    • IP address
    • subnet mask
    • default gateway
  11. class C has how many host support
  12. class B has how many host support
  13. class A has how many host support
  14. what does IANA stand for
    internet assigned numbers authority
  15. what does RIR stand for
    regional internet registries
  16. what does ARIN stand for
    american registy for internet numbers
  17. who manages the internet numbering resources for north america
    ARIN (american registry for internet numbers
  18. what does ISP stand for
    internet service providers
  19. what are the two types of layer 3 broadcasts
    • limited broadcast
    • directed broadcast
  20. what RFC defines "address for private internets
  21. what are the address blocks for private internet
    • class A
    • class B
    • class C
  22. what does NAT stand for
    network address translation
  23. what is a 32-bit IP assignment used to determine the IP network value of a given IP address
    subnet mask
  24. what is a subnet
    a subnet is a logical subdivision of an IP network used to create multiple valid IP network numbers from a single IP network number
  25. what RFC defines "internet standard subnetting procedure
  26. what RFC defines IPv6
  27. what RFC defines IPv4
  28. how many bits are IPv4
    32 bits
  29. how many bits is IPv6
    128 bits
  30. what does IPSec stand for
    IP security
  31. what does QoS stand for
    quality of service
  32. where is fragmentation done in IPv4
    by routers and the sending host
  33. where is fragmentation done in IPv6
    by the sending host
  34. what does ARP stand for
    address resolution protocol
  35. what does IGMP stand for
    internet group management protocol
  36. IPv4 uses host address (what) resource records in the DNS to map host name to IPv4 addresses
  37. IPv6 uses host address (what) resource records in the DNS to map host names to IPv6 addresses
  38. what types of IPv6 addresses are there
    • unicast
    • multicast
    • anycast
  39. what is a unicast for IPv6
    • identifies a single interface
    • one-to-one communication
  40. what is a multicast for IPv6
    • identfies multiple interfaces
    • one-to-many communcation
  41. what is an anycast for IPv6
    • identifies multiple interfaces
    • one-to-one-of-many communcation
  42. what is the loopback for IPv6
    • 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1
    • ::1
  43. what does a multicast for IPv6 always begin with
  44. what does ARP stand for
    address resolution protocol
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