English Voc. 2

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  1. to draw tight to the utmost tension/ to stretch to the full 
    to strain e.g. "to strain a rope"
  2. State of worry and tension caused by a difficult situation - An emotional pressure.
    • The strain
    • e.g. "She was tired and under great strain."
    • e.g. "I sometimes find it a great strain to be responsible for the mortgage."
  3. A force that pushes, pulls or stretches sth. in a way that may damage it.
    • The strain
    • e.g. "Take your hands under your buttocks to take some of the strain off your back."
  4. To bring back memory/ remember + tell others about it.
    • to recall
    • e.g. "Can you recall what she said?"
    • e.g. "Dario recalled that he first met Luca during Kindergarten."
  5. A strong feeling of excitement and happiness.
    • The exhilaration
    • e.g. "He could hardly conceal his exhilaration when she agreed."
  6. Doing sth. planned or having decided it beforehand so that it happens on purpose rather than by chance. (syn. intentional)
    • deliberate (adj.)
    • e.g. "Witnesses say the firing was deliberate and sustained."
    • e.g. "A deliberate lie"
  7. A movement/ action done slowly and carefully
    • deliberately
    • e.g. "She deliberately walked down the dangerous path knowing that her life stands at risk."
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