English Vocab #1

  1. abstract
    adj. withdrawn or separated from matter; in the arts characterizes freedom from representational qualities n. a summary of a statement or document; a type of art style v. to deduct or remove
  2. accountable
    adj. liable to be called to account, or to answer for responsibilities and conduct
  3. abash
    v. to cause to feel embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed
  4. addict
    n. one who is addicted to a particular substance v. to devote, give up, or appy habitually to a practice
  5. abate
    v. to beat down, demolish, or destroy; to bring down, lower, depress; to bring down in size, amount, value, force
  6. ablution
    n. the act or process of washing clean; washing the body as a religious rite; the liquid whihc is used to wash anything down
  7. adherent
    adj. sticking fast, clinging, attached n. one who adheres to a person, party, or system to support them
  8. abide
    v. to wait, expect, delay, remain; to suffer, tolerate, edure
  9. acme
    n. the highest point or period at which something is at its best or more highly developed; the point at which the symptoms of a disease are most severe
  10. accrue
    v. to come by way of addition or increase, to arise or spring as a natural growth or result
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English Vocab #1
English Vocab #1