A/P Lab Practical #1

  1. What is the meaning of root word: a-,an-?
    without, not, lack of

    Example: Anaerobic,asymmetrical
  2. What is the meaning of the root word: ab?
    away from, from, apart

    Example: abnormal, abduct
  3. Definition: toward, to, near to. What is the root word?
    Root word: ad

    Example: adrenal, adduct
  4. Definition: preceding, before, forward. What is the root word?
    Root Word: ante

    Example: antecubital
  5. Root Word:anti-. What is the definition?
    Definition: against, opposed to

    Example: antibiotic
  6. What is the meaning of the root word: circum-, circ-?
    Definition: around, about

    Example: circumcision
  7. What is the meaning of the root word: co-, con-?
    Definition: with, together

    Example: congenital
  8. What is the root word for: against?
    Root Word: contra-, counter

    Example: contraceptive
  9. What is the root word for: reverse, away from, loss?
    Root Word: de-

    Example: deactivate
  10. What is meaning of the root word: di-?
    Definition: double, two

    Example: disaccharide
  11. What is the meaning of the root word: dia-?
    Definition: between, through

    Example: diaphragm
  12. What is the meaning of the root word: ec-, ecto-, ex-?
    Definition: outside, away from

    Example: excrete, ectoderm
  13. Root Word: end-, em-, en-?
    Definition: inside, within

    Example: endothelium, encysted
  14. Root Word: epi-?
    Definition: over, above, on

    Example: epidermal
  15. Definition: outside, outer layer
    Root Word: ecto-, exo-

    Example: exocrine
  16. Definition: beyond, outside, additionally
    Root Word: extra-

    Example: extracellular
  17. Definition: half
    Root Word: hemi-

    Example: hemisphere
  18. Root Word: hetero-
    Definition: different

  19. Root Word: homeo-, homo-
    Definition: same, unchanging, steady

    Example: homeostasis
  20. Root Word: hyper
    Definition: beyond, excessive

    Example: hyperglycemic
  21. Root Word: hypo
    Definition: under, below, deficient

    Example: hypodermic
  22. Root Word: in-, im-
    Definition: not, negation

    Example: impermeable
  23. Root Word: inter-
    Definition: among, between

    Example: intercoastal
  24. Root Word: intra
    Definition: within, inside

    Example: intravenous
  25. Root Word: infra-, infer
    Definition: below

    Example: infraorbital
  26. Root Word: iso-
    Definition: equal

    Example: isometric
  27. Definition: large, great
    Root Word: macro

    Example: macrophage
  28. Root Word: Mal-
    Definition: bad, abnormal

    Example: malnutrition
  29. Definition: middle
    Root Word: medi-, meso-

    Example: median
  30. Root Word: meta-
    Definition: after, beyond, changed

    Example: metacarpal
  31. Root Word: mega-
    Definition: great, large

    Example: megacolon
  32. Root Word: micro-
    Definition: small

    Example: microorganism
  33. Root Word: mono-
    Definition: one

    Example: monocot
  34. Root Word: mill(i)-

  35. Root Word: oligo-
    Definition: small, few, little

    Example: oliguria
  36. Definition: all
    Root Word: omni-

    Example: omnipotent
  37. Root Word: para-
    Definition: near, beside, apart from

    Example: paracentric
  38. Root Word: peri-
    Definition: around

    Example: pericardial
  39. Root Word: poly-
    Definition: many, much

    Example: polycthemia
  40. Definition: before, in front of
    Root Word: pre-, pro-

    Example: prenatal
  41. Root Word: philic-, philo-
    Definition: have an affinity for, like

    Example: hydrophilic
  42. Root Word: phobic-
    Definition: fear

    Example: hydrophobic
  43. Root Word: post-
    Definition: after, behind

    Example: postpartum
  44. Root Word: Pseudo-
    Definition: false

    Example: pseudopodia
  45. Root Word: quatr-, quadro-
    Definition: four

    Example: quadriceps
  46. Root Word: retro-
    Definition: backward, back

    Example: retroperitoneal
  47. Root Word: re-
    Definition: again, contrary, back

    Example: recurrent
  48. Root Word: semi-
    Definition: half

    Example: semilunar
  49. Root Word: sub-
    Definition: beneath

    Example: subdural
  50. Root Word: super-
    Definition: over, excessive

    Example: superficial
  51. Root Word: supra-
    Definition: above

    Example: supraorbital
  52. Root Word: sym-, syn-
    Definition: together, with, joined

    Example: synthesis
  53. Root Word: trans-
    Definition: across, through

    Example: transfusion
  54. Root Word: tri-
    Definition: three

    Example: triceps
  55. Root Word: ultra-
    Definition: beyond, excess

    Example: ultrastructure
  56. Superior
    Definition: (above), appear above other structures

    Example: the head is superior to the shoulders
  57. inferior
    Definition: (below), always below other body parts

    Example: the knees are inferior to the hips
  58. Anterior
    Definition: (front), In humans, the most anterior structures are those that are most forward- the face, chest, and abdomen
  59. Posterior
    (back), those toward the backside of the body
  60. Medial
    (toward the midline), medial structures are closer to the body midline than lateral structures
  61. Lateral
    away from the midline or median plane, furthest from the midline
  62. Dorsal
    backside or back of any other structures (animal or human)
  63. Ventral
    bellyside, the belly side of animals
  64. Proximal
    near the trunk or attached end

    ex: the knee is proximal to the toes
  65. Distal
    farther from the trunk or point of attachment,

    ex: the fingers are distal to the elbow
  66. Superficial
    toward or at the body surface

    ex: the skin is superficial to the skeletal muscles
  67. Deep
    away from the body surface or more internal
  68. Sagittal plane
    Dividing it into right or left parts

    A plane that runs lengthwise or longitudinally down the length of the body
  69. Parasagittal plane
    situated alongside of or adjacent (parallel) to a sagittal location or a sagittal plane
  70. midsagittal (or median) plane
    Divides the body into equal parts
  71. Frontal (or coronal)
    a longitudinal plane that divides the body (or an organ) into anterior and posterior parts
  72. Transverse (or cross section)
    A plane that runs horizontally, dividing the body into superior and inferior parts. also called cross sections.
  73. Anatomic position
    toes forward, body forward, hands facing out
  74. Dorsal body cavity
    consists of the cranial and spinal cavities
  75. Cranial cavity
    within the rigid skull, contains the brain
  76. Spinal cavity
    runs within the bony vertebral column, protects the spinal cord
  77. Ventral Body Cavity
    subdivided, a human body cavity that is in the anterior (front) aspect of the human body. It is made up of the thoracic cavity, and the abdominopelvic cavity.
  78. Thoracic cavity
    separated from the rest of the ventral cavity by the muscular diaphragm. The heart and the lungs, located in the thoracic cavity, are protected by the bony rib cage.
  79. Abdominopelvic cavity (know together)
    Inferior to the diaphragm, houses the stomach, intestines, liver, and other organs, and inferior pelvic cavity ( reproductive organs, bladder, and rectum.
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