vocab 7/22

  1. latent
    hidden, but capable of being exposed
  2. laudatory
    expressing admiration or praise
  3. legerdemain
    deception, slight-of-hand
  4. libertarian
    advocating principles of liberty and free will
  5. licentious
    displaying a lack of moral or legal restrains
  6. limpid
    clear, transparent
  7. lithe
    graceful, flexible, supple
  8. litigant
    someone engaged in a lawsuit
  9. lurid
    ghastly, sensational, gruesome. wan, ghastly, pale. glowing with the red of a fire seen through a smoke or cloud
  10. maelstrom
    a destructive whirlpool which rapidly sucks in objects
  11. malediction
    a curse
  12. malevolent
    wanting harm to befall others
  13. manifold
    diverse, varied
  14. maudlin
    drunk to the point of emotional silliness. weakly and effusively sentimental.
  15. mawkish
    characterized by sick sentimentality
  16. maxim
    a common saying expressing a principle of conduct
  17. mendacious
    having a lying, fals-e character
  18. mercurial
    1. having characteristics of the god Mercury such as eloquence, ingenuity or thievishness 2. characterized by rapid changes of mood
  19. meritorious
    worthy of esteem or reward
  20. modicum
    a small amount of something
  21. mollify
    to soften in temper
  22. mores
    the moral attitudes and fixed customs of a group of people
  23. munificence
    generosity in giving
  24. mutable
    able to change
  25. myriad
    consisting of a very great number
  26. nadir
    the lowest point of something
  27. nascent
    in the process of being born or coming into existence
  28. nebulous
    vaguely defined, cloudy
  29. neophyte
    someone who is young or inexperienced
  30. noisome
    unpleasant, offensive, especially to the sense of smell
  31. nomadic
    wandering from place to place
  32. nominal
    trifling, insignificant
  33. noxious
    harmful, unwholesome
  34. obdurate
    unyielding to persuasion or moral influence
  35. obfuscate
    to render incomprehensible
  36. oblique
    divergin from a straight line or course, not straightforward
  37. obsequious
    excessively compliant or submissive
  38. obstreperous
    noisy, unruly
  39. obtuse
    lacking quickness of sensibility or intellect
  40. officious
    offering one's services when they are neither wanted nor needed
  41. onerous
  42. oration
    a speech delivered in a formal or ceremonious manner
  43. oscillate
    to sway from one side to the other
  44. ostensible
    appearing as such, seemingly
  45. ostentatious
    excessively showy, glitzy
  46. ostracism
    exclusion from a group
  47. pacific
  48. palatable
    agreeable to the taste of sensibilities
  49. palette
    a range of colors or qualities
  50. palliate
    to reduce the severity of
  51. pallid
    lacking color
  52. panacea
    a remedy for all ills or difficulties
  53. paradigm
    (n.) an example that is a perfect apttern or model
  54. paragon
    a model of excellence or perfection
  55. paramount
    greatest in importance, rank or character
  56. parsimony
    frugality, stinginess
  57. partisan
    a follower, adherent
  58. patent
    readily seen or understood, clear
  59. pathology
    1. the study of the essential nature of diseases 2. a deviation from the normal
  60. pathos
    an emotion of sympathy
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