sulphur dioxide (SO2)

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  1. what are 4 advantages of using SO2
    • antimicrobial = disrupts the respiration of organisms
    • frees aroma and flavour = binds acetaldehydes
    • antioxidant = oxidised in preference to other compounds
    • antioxidase = destabilises enzymes that drive oxidation reactions.
  2. what the chemistry behind  oxidation and the reasoning for need SO2 additions
    • p henol O2 > Quinone > PolymerisationBROWN
    • colourless <SO2 colourless < condensation PIG
  3. what forms does free SO2 exist in? and how much of free SO2 in wine do they tend to make up
    molecular (SO2) between 6-0.6%, Bisulphite (HSO3 -2) 94-99%, Sulphite (SO3 - ) less than 0%
  4. give a basic definition of each three forms of 'Free' SO2
    • Molecular= provides active form against microbes, reacts with H2O2 during oxidation, volatile so contributes to colour and loss of vapour headspace
    • bisulphite= binds with acetaldehyde, prevents browning - slows enzymes and converts quinones to phenols
    • sulphites= low conc. reaction very slow
  5. explain ascorbic acid as an alternative to SO2
    (vit C) works as a reducing agent (antioxidant)
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