1. The US is predominantly what religion?
  2. 2 revivals that happened were called....
    Great Awakenings
  3. A prolonged Christian religious experience, a way to reconnect with christian belief is
  4. Literally means to spread the christian message, strong emphasize on bible, conservative
  5. Dates of the 2 great awakenings
    • mid 18th century
    • turn of 19th century
  6. Dialogue among christians
  7. National Council ofChurces 1949
    ecumensism to bring together different denominations for dialogue. Try to move past points of tension.
  8. What religion does not participate in ecumenism?
    Roman Catholics
  9. Since the 1960's, mainline protestants like Baptist, methodist, lutherism have slowly been what??
  10. The conservative political and soical christian movements in the US, incuding catholics
    • Religious Right
    • Ex: healthcare debate, restrictions on abortion
  11. organization under religious right. Defines itself as the largest conservative grass roots political organization in America
    Christian Coalition
  12. Which church is about to split over homosexual priests?
  13. Since the 1990's, there has been a major explosion in what?
    • Mega Churches
    • Church with over 2000 members
  14. An interpretation of christianity that says jesus wants you to be rich. if you are a good capitalist and make a lot of money god has blessed you. It is spreading dramatically.
    The prosperity gospel
  15. What is the largest growing religious movement in the world?
  16. Where did pentecostlaism start?
    Topeka Kansas on Azusa Street
  17. The pastor who baptized everyone in name of the holy spirit. Starts pentecostalisms
    Charles fox Parham
  18. African american pastor in LA that starts revival on lazooza street spreading message of pentecostalism, idea of being baptized and reborn in the holy spirit. Met with Charles Parham
    William Seymour
  19. Pentecostalism started with what kind of people
    • poor african-american and latinos.
    • storefront church
  20. Pentecostalism strongly emphasizes what?
    • testemonies-a baring witness of your faith and your experience with god.
    • speaking in tongues- you can become possessed by the holy spirit and speak in tongue
  21. Where and what is the oldest churches in the US
    Catholic church in St. Augastine
  22. First religion to the US brought by who?
    Catholicism brought by Spanish, but US is mainly protestant
  23. First wave of catholicism was in the 19th century with who?
    • europeans from ireland italy and germany
    • 20th century from peurto rico and mexico.
  24. people's everyday connection with the communities
  25. catholic educational system, a marginalized religion
    Parochial Schools
  26. Catholocism emphasizes what?
    Social justice
  27. Journalist turned activist who started a hospitality house/halfway house and started farms to feed poor communities.
    Dorothy Day

    founded catholic worker movement in 1933
  28. Anarchists that don't believe in government, anti technology, strong advocats of manual labor
    Catholic Worker movement.
  29. 1962-1965 most important thing to happen in catholicism.
    Vatican II
  30. 3 major reforms in Vatican II
    1. put alter in front 2. encouraged catholics to read the bible 3. mass said in all languages.
  31. Apparation seen in mexico by juan diego in 1531, patroness of the America's
    feast day december 12th
    Our Lady of Guadalupe
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