Livia and Agrippina

  1. How does Tacitus describe Livia?
    "an imperious mother and an aimable wife, she was a match for the diplomacy of her husband and the dissimulation of her son"
  2. What was Livias relationship with Augustus like
    She was a dutiful wife and he trusted her : they were a partnership
  3. How does history view Livia
    History has assigned her the role of the wicked stepmother who was ambitious her sons at other peoples expense
  4. What happened in AD20
    It became treasonous to speak against Livia
  5. When did Livia die
    AD 29
  6. How did Sejanus impact livia
    As time went on Tiberius tool more advice from Sejanus and less from Livia
  7. How did tiberius react to Livia's death
    He did not attend her funeral which shows how far their relationship had deteriorated
  8. What shows the amount of influence Livia had at the beginning of Tiberius' reign
    At the beginning letters were adressed to both her and Tiberius as though she were queen regent
  9. How does Tacitus convey the true extent of Livia's influence
    Her friendship raised urgulania "above the law"
  10. What shows the deterioration of Livia and Tiberius relationship
    Suetonius tells us that "he vetoed proposals to confer on her the title of Mother of her country or any notable public honour"
  11. Tiberius' relationship with Livia according to Suetonius
    • "Tiberius complained that his mother vexed him by wanting to be his co-ruler"
    • "Tiberius quarrelled openly with his mother "
    • And their relationship was rumoured to be the reason for his retirement to Capri in AD29
  12. In defence of Livia...
    Tiberius' withholding of excessive honorifics is consistent with what is known of his personality
  13. How does tacitus describe Agrippina the elder
    • "she was the blood of the divine Augustus"
    • And that she was a "great hearted woman"
  14. According to Tacitus, how was Agrippina referred to by the people after Germanicus' death
    "the glory of her country... The only true descendent of Augustus"
  15. What happened when livia died for Agrippina
    In AD 29 Tiberius sent a letter to the senate charging Agrippina with "in subordinate language and disobedient spirit"
  16. When did Agrippina die
    AD 33
  17. What does the story of Agrippina demonstrate (3 things)
    • It shows Tiberius' cruelty and brutality
    • Shows the dangers one faced in speaking out publicly against Tiberius
    • Also shows the extent to which Sejanus controlled and manipulated Tiberius
  18. What happened to Agrippina and how do we know
    Suetonius tells us that in punishment for her violent protests he ordered a centurion to flog her and she lost an eye
  19. How does the story of Agrippina show Sejanus' influence
    Sejanus urged Tiberius on to crush Agrippina and her "party" and many charges were brought by delatores against her friends and supporters
  20. How did Livia and Livillia view Agrippina
    • As bitter and outspoken
    • She didn't hide her hatred for Tiberius who she blamed for Germanicus' death
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