Building Programme

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  1. When was the forum of augustus inaugurated ?
    In AD2 the same year he was awarded the title of pater patraie
  2. How long did it take to build the forum of augustus and why
    It was 40 years after his vow to build a temple of Mars the avenger after Philippi because he had to wait for the landowner to die as he refused to take the land by force
  3. What was the main stairway of the main augustan forum built of
    Tufa stone coated in marble
  4. What is Suetonius' famous quote regarding what augustus said about his building program?
    • "I found Rome built of bricks; I leave it clothed in marble"
    • This is literally true as he made extensive use of white marble from the quarries of Carrara
  5. Why did Augutsus build his forum
    It fulfilled a real practical need as Rome's population was increasing daily and the 2 forums already in existence couldn't cope
  6. What statues were in each exedra of the augustan forum
    Aeneas was in the west and Romulus was in the east
  7. What was in the western portico of the augustan forum
    There was a collosus statue of augustus in a huge square hall
  8. What statues were in the temple of the augustan forum
    Statue of Mars, Venus and the divine Julius
  9. What was in the main square of the augustan forum
    In the inter collums of the porticoes there were statues of illustrious romans
  10. Name 5 of the influential romans who were statues in the main square of the augustan forum
    • Brutus
    • Cuncator
    • Africanus
    • Sulla
    • Pompey
  11. In which paragraphs does suetonius talk about the statues in the niches of the augustan forum and quote
    • In paragraph 31
    • "next to the immortal gods... Great men of old"
  12. What was in the centre of the augustan forum
    A statue of augustus riding in a chariot bearing the title "father of his country"
  13. Why did Augutsus have statutes of illustrious romans in the niches
    Because they had done some deed that had gone beyond the normal role of a magistrate ie. Taking the initiative in saving the people of Rome and the inscriptions beneath each statute were meant to teach a lesson
  14. Res gestae quote on his forum
    • In paragraph 21 of the res gestae
    • "I built the temple of Mars the avenger and the forum of Augustus on private ground from the proceeds of booty"
  15. What was the forum of Julius Caesar inspired by
    • By the agorae (market squares) of the Greeks and by ancient etruscan temples
    • Again links to heritage
  16. The forum of Julius Caesar...
    • Julius Caesar began his forum in 48BCE but died before he could complete it and so Augustus completed it: wants to be seen to carry on his "fathers" work and image
    • On the fourth side of this forum was a temple dedicated to Venus Genetrix (his divine ancestor)
  17. Similarities between the forum of Augustus and the forum of Julius Caesar
    • The style of the pillars was Greek - connotes link to the Greek golden age
    • Both have temples in the name of gods they have connections with i.e Venus
    • Both acted as personal and political propaganda and as a solid representation of their aims and ideals
  18. What is the forum of Augustus a statement of
    About his place in roman history and the model of leadership that the roman people should look for in the future and was meant to legitimise the principate by stressing the restoration of ancient roman traditions
  19. What was the forum of augustus a forecourt for
    Acted as a forecourt for the temple of Mars altor (mars the avenger) which was backed up against a huge stone wall which separated it from the "subura"
  20. What was beside the statute of mars
    There were statues of Venus and the divine Julius
  21. What else did augustus do flint regards to the building programme
    • In addition to all that he built himself he urged leading citizens to embellish the city according to their means
    • Marcus phillipus buoy the temple of hercules
    • Cornelius balba built a theatre
  22. Augutsus' restoration of temples
    He restored 82 temples such as the temple of appollo and the temple of lares
  23. Some of Augustus' other public works (3 things)
    • Restored the channels of the aqueducts
    • Restored the via flaminia as far as Rimini
    • Theatre of marcellus
  24. Suetonius paragraph 31 quote on building program
    "this has been done to make my fellow citizens insist that both I (while I live) and the leaders of the following ages shall not fall below the standard set by those great men of old"
  25. What did augustus' building programme also do
    • Provided employment which was essential as rome itself didn't have a trade as such and unemployment was a big problem
    • He encouraged prosperity through trade
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