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  1. calle
  2. tiene problemas
    she has problems
  3. le dice
    she says
  4. no me sigas
    don't follow me
  5. estoy triste
    I'm sad
  6. se despierta
    she wakes up
  7. siempre habla por teléfono
    she always talks on the phone
  8. conoce a
  9. que casualidad
    what a coincidence
  10. van al piso
    they go to the apartment
  11. le da un abrazo
    she gives him a hug
  12. aprende mucho
    she learns a lot
  13. están bailando
    they are dancing
  14. llevan uniformes
    they wear uniforms
  15. enseña
    he teaches
  16. cree que
    she believes that
  17. robo
    he stole
  18. quiere ser detective para ayudar
    she wants to be a detective to help
  19. le grita
    she yells at
  20. hablas
    you speak
  21. ahora ve todo de una manera diferente
    now she sees something different
  22. no lo tengo
    I don't have it
  23. yo acabo de venir del hospital
    I just came from the hospital
  24. sabe que hay joyas en el piso
    he knows that there are jewels in the apartment
  25. no puede encontrar
    he can't find
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