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  1. what are laxatives used for?
    used to ease or stimulate defecation
  2. what is the definition of constipation?
    hard stools, infrequent stools, excessive straining prolonged effort, sense of incomplete evacuation, unsuccessful defecation
  3. what are the classifications of laxatives?
    • 1. bulk forming laxatives
    • 2. surfactant laxatives
    • 3. stimulant laxatives
    • 4. osmotic laxatives
  4. what does bulk forming laxatives do?
    function like dietary fiber which swells with water to form a gel to soften the fecal mass and increase mass
  5. what is diverticulosis?
    inflammation of the little ridges in the colon
  6. what do surfactant laxatives do?
    stimulate intestinal motility by causing the water to stay in the stool
  7. what do osmotic laxatives do?
    they are laxative salts (mg and na) that are poorly absorbed and draw water into the intestinal lumen so that the feces soften and swell.
  8. what are the adverse effects of osmotic laxatives?
    • dehydration
    • renal decline
    • sodium retension
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