Peptic Ulcer disease

  1. what is the definition of peptic ulcer disease (PUD)?
    • group of upper GI disorders
    • degrees of erosion of the gut wall
    • severe erosion can be complicated by hemorrhage and perforation
  2. what is the cause of PUD?
    imbalance between muscosal and aggressive factors
  3. what are the aggressive factors in PUD?
    • H pylori
    • NSAIDs
    • Acid
    • Pepsin
    • Smoking
  4. What are the defensive factors in PUD?
    • mucus
    • bicarb
    • blood flow
    • prostaglandins
  5. what are the goals for drug therapy for PUD?
    • alleviate symptoms
    • promote healing
    • prevent complications
    • prevent recurrence
    • ** drugs do not alter the disease process, they create conditions conducive to healing
  6. what are the 5 classes of anti ulcer drugs?
    • antibiotics
    • antisecretory agents
    • muscosal protectants
    • antisecretory agents that enhance muscosal defenses
    • antacids
  7. how do you treat NSAID induced ulcer?
    H2 receptor blockers and pPI are preferred method
  8. what is the minimum amount of antibiotics used to treat h pylori?
    • 2
    • it is best to take more than 2 tho
  9. what are the types of antibiotics used to treat H pylori?
    • amoxicillin
    • clarithromycin
    • bismuth compounds
    • tetracycline
    • metronidazole
    • tinidazole
  10. what to Histamine 2 (H2) receptor antagonists do?
    promote healing by suppressing secretion of gastric acid
  11. what do PPI (proton pump inhibitors) do?
    suppress secretion of gastric acid
  12. what does sucralfate do? ***IMPORTANT***
    it makes a foam bubble in the stomach so that it creates an artificial mucus
  13. what are the adverse effects of sucralfate?
  14. what is misoprostol contraindicated in?
    pregnancy --> teratogen
  15. what do you have to watch out for when using antacids?
    people with renal impairments because the Mg builds up in the kidneys which can be dangerous
  16. what do antacids do?
    • react with gastric acid to produce neutral salts or salts of low acidity
    • decrease destruction of gut wall by neutralizing acid
    • may also enhance mucosal protection by stimulating production of prostaglandins
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