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  1. Earth's highest mountain (China - Nepal)
    Mt. Everest
  2. Major mountain range in western N. America; 3,000+ miles long from BC to New Mexico
    Rocky Mountains
  3. Broad expanse of flat land much covered in prairie and grassland west of Mississippi and east of Rocky mountains
    Great Plains
  4. North America's tallest mountain (located in Alaska)
    Mt. Denali (also called Mt. McKinley)
  5. Oldest mountain chain in North America; extends from Georgia to Pennsylvania through 10 states
    Appalachian Mountains
  6. 3rd longest river in North America; flows from source at Lake Itasca to Gulf of Mexico
    Mississippi River
  7. Mountains with highest peaks across 6 countries: China; Nepal, etc.
    Himalaya Mountains
  8. River that rises in Himalayas and flows south
    Ganges River
  9. Large flat valley that dominates central part of California
    Central Valley
  10. Triangular peninsula in Egypt; Mediterranean Sea to North and Red Sea to South
    Sinai Peninsula
  11. Natural region of tropical wetlands in southern Florida, USA
  12. Gulf between Iran and Arabian Peninsula; extension of Indian Ocean
    Persian Gulf
  13. Longest river in North America
    Missouri River
  14. Largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere; 4th largest terminal lake in the world; located in Utah, USA
    Great Salt Lake
  15. Northernmost part is the Dead Sea
    African Rift Valley
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GEOGRAPHY FINAL 6.9.14 (4 of 4)