USMLE10 step3

  1. most common cause of htn in young
    renal parenchymal disease
  2. any change in the chronic medical condition, next step
    investigate the change
  3. best next step in an elderly iwth shoulder and pelvic girdle pain
  4. who gets prophylaxis for neisseria meningitis
    • close contact,¬†
    • ppl that live with pt
    • anyone in direct exposure to secretions of pt
  5. prophylaxis for meningitis
    • 2 days of rifampin
    • 1 dose of cipro
  6. who gets defibrillated
    • unstable vtach
    • unstable torsaides
    • v fib
  7. torsaides stable and normal mg levels
    give mg
  8. when do you give pacemaker for torsaids
    if refractory to mg
  9. 6 criteria for brain death
    • no respiratory drive off vent for 10 min and pco2 to 60
    • no reflexes
    • no cerebral perfusion via doppler or mri
    • temp below 34c
    • observation
    • eeg isoelectric for 30 mins
  10. is brain death possible with limb movememtn
    yes they are spinal reflexes
  11. clinical strep pharyngitis and negative rapid antigen test , next step
  12. rx for hepatorenal syndorme
    • midodrine
    • octeotride
    • albumin
  13. spica thumb cast for scaphoid fracture indication
    non displacement
  14. best initial test for intusseption
  15. angiodysploasia is associated with what 2 dz
    • aortic stenosis
    • esrd
  16. best rx
    second best rx for pms
    • ssri
    • ocp if no pregnancy wanted
  17. rx for idiopathic pulmonary artery htn
    • reactivity test for ccb, if not reactive
    • give either¬†
    • bosentan
    • prostanoid
    • viagra
  18. when do undescended testis descend
    when is orchiopexy done
    • by 1 year
    • at 1 year
  19. 3 ds of urethra diverticulum
    • dribbling
    • dysperunia
    • dysuria
  20. best initial test for urethral diverticulum
  21. teh estimated 10 year risk for cad must be what to give statin
  22. common complication after squatting alot
    lateral femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment
  23. depression is a risk facgor for cad
  24. which drugs should not be given together
    rifampin and ocp
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