USMLE6 step 3

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  1. mnx of someone who was exposed to a tb infectious pt
    ppd right away and if negative, repeat in 3 months
  2. cryptococcal meninigitis  with high csf that responded well to the csf drainage but that is presenting again with headache and papilledema
    repeat LP to aleviate the pressure
  3. rx for cryptococcal meninigitis
    amphotericin b and flucytosine, if improved give oral fluconazole untill cd4 >100 if not, c/w fluconazole indefinitely
  4. factor v homozygoyte or heterozygote increase clot formation
  5. high hematocrit over 65 on heel prick, next step
    check crit in venous sample
  6. rx for polycythemia causing lethargy, hypoglycemia and cyanosis
    fluids and partial exchange transfusion
  7. do you give narcotics to an ex addict that has severe pain
  8. mechanism of scombroid fish poisoning
    histidine breaks downt to histamine above 15 celcius and causing flushing, wheezing, erythema, diarrhea
  9. next step after sputum induction is negative for pcp
  10. when do you use iv pentamidine
    if pts are intolerant of iv tmp-smx
  11. do you give varicella vaccine to people who are in contact with immunosuppresed pts
    yes but monitor for a rash
  12. when should ppl that will get transplants get vaccines
    before the transplant takes place
  13. severed body parts should be kept how
    in a saline wrapped gauze in a bucket full of ice with saline
  14. who gets tpa
    • LBBB
    • >1mm in two leads
  15. mnx of supratherapeutic INR
    • <5 hold warfarin or decrease
    • 5-9 hold warfarin and give low dose vitk
    • >9--hold warfarin and give high dose vit k
    • any serious bleeding. stop warfarin, give iv vit k, ffp, factor 7 and prothrombin
  16. best initial test when suspecting spondylarthropathy
    xray of lumbosacral spine
  17. what pain meds shoud be used with cautioin in ibd
  18. what drug doesn help hlab27 diseases
  19. mtx doesnt help ra, next step
    add infliximab
  20. triple therapy for rz
    • mtx
    • sulfasalazine\
    • hydroxychloroquine
  21. who gets endoscopic electrohydrualic lithotripsy
    high risk patients and non cholesterol stones
  22. rx for symptomatic uterine prolapse
    who gets a pessary

    pts not healty enouggh for surgery
  23. most important medication for a left ventricular dysfunction
    • enalapril
    • beta blockers
  24. when do you use local esterogen creams for stress incontinence
    post menopausal
  25. how do you differnetiale strep pneumono from mycoplasma pneumonia
    focal findings and kid looks sick in s.pneumo treat with amoxacillin
  26. respiratory fq
    • moxi
    • levaquin
  27. a child with nf, next step
  28. what exercise for mother is nor recommended
    scuba diving
  29. how much exercse for a pregnancy woman
    30 min of moderate on most days
  30. when do you follow a thyroid nodule with sono
    if <1cm in size
  31. rx for psoriasis with psoriatirc arthritis
  32. when are anrthalin, calcipotriene, uv light used for psoriasis
    if its topical
  33. which dm drugs are metabolized by the kidney
    sulfonylureas and metformin
  34. rx for pml
  35. prognosis of pml
    • 6 months with no treatment
    • with rx..2 years
  36. how do you improve height in turners
  37. what screening shoud be done for tuener
    • echo
    • hearing
    • visual
    • renal sono
    • tsh
  38. what comorbidityis seen with tourettes
  39. how do you give viagra and alpha blockers f
    4 hours apart
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