Passenger Shuttles

  1. What is the composition of a triplet and what is the standard composition of a passenger shuttle
    • Two A wagons with an S wagon in-between.
    • Loco-single deck rake-double deck rake-loco.
  2. In a four digit wagon number what do the first and second digit tell you?
    • 1st fig tells if it is a loco 9, a single deck 3 or a double deck 1.
    • 2nd fig tells if it is a A type wagon 0 or 2, S type wagon 4, or a loader 8.
  3. Name the different types of coupling and were are they found?
    Semi-permanant male -S wagonsSemi-permanant female - end 1 of A wagonAutomatic high - loco to loaderAutomatic low - end 2 of A wagon
  4. What is the difference between IS and NIS?
    Intelligent systems - automatic systems that work on their own with their own computer.Non-intelligent systems - systems that require a human input to make them work or change state.
  5. What equipment is powered by 400v on Single and Double deck wagons?
    • Main lighting
    • Hydraulics
    • HVAC
    • Hand dryers
  6. What equipment is run from 110v?
    • FDE
    • EM doors
    • EM lighting
  7. What equipment is powered by 400v on Single and Double deck wagons?
    • Main lighting
    • Fire barriers
    • Hand dryers (DD s wagons only)
    • HVAC
    • Hydraulics
  8. What are the HVAC functions?
    • Purge
    • Ventilation, cooling heating
    • Safety
    • Reduction of external pressure fluctuations
  9. Locate the HVAC controls for the various wagons?
    • On local control panels in the middle of carrier wagons
    • In SDL amenity area
    • DD Hostling area
  10. Locate the toilets on the shuttle?
    • 1 in DDL
    • 3 in SDL
    • 1 per deck in s wagon of DDC.
  11. Name the 5 ways to open an EM door? What doors can open all 5 ways?
    • Electronically when CDT has remotely enabled it.
    • Number 2 key
    • Number 3 key
    • Manual handle internally
    • Manual handle externaly
    • Doors 1a and 2b on an S-wagon.
  12. What controls can be used to open a DDL door in an emergency?
    • Press pushbutton when activated by the CDT
    • Number 2 key EM opening pushbutton
    • Manual operation from inside
    • Number 2 key outside
    • Manual operation from outside
  13. Where are the control indicators for the EM doors on the different wagons?
    • SDL - fault code will be displayed on the local control panel.
    • SDC/DDC - in the s-wagon local control panel
    • DDL - at the jostling position in the circuit breaker cupboard
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