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  1. bejelentkezés
    log on 

    Or when logging on to the internet meant having to wait at least 10 minutes while the computer made a really weird noise.
  2. bármikor
    at any time

    Now, it's the new smartphone that has lightning quick internet speeds accessible at any time.
  3. figyelemre méltó

    The advancements in technology in the past decade have been truly remarkable.
  4. tett

    All feats new technology are pretty special if you really think about it.
  5. égitest
    celestial body

    As a people, we developed a machine and all of the other necessary technology to fly people out into space and walk on a different celestial body.
  6. tehát ennek alapján
    So based on this

    So based on this, where might we be headed in the near future?
  7. összetömörült

    No one can be sure, but with the mainstreaming of technology recently, the competition between different conglomerates will drive innovation by itself.
  8. pislog

    And we must also be careful, because if we are caught blinking, we'll miss out.
  9. fogaskerék a gépezetben
    cog in a machine

    John had big aspirations after university, but also so far has just been stuck as one cog in a machine at his job.
  10. médiás megjelenés
    hit the airwaves

    The new show is going to hit the airwaves next week.
  11. összezavar
    get wires crossed

    We thought we had done it wrong, but we just got our wires crossed and didn't communicate well enough.
  12. fényévekkel megelőz
    light years ahead

    Their company's new software is light years ahead of the competition.
  13. azonos hullámhosszon
    on the same wavelength

    I'm glad my boss and I were on the same wavelength after the meeting yesterday.
  14. minden ahhoz ami aznap azután következik
    for the rest of the day

    When I leave the house in the morning, I have everything I need for the rest of the day just by bringing my phone with me.
  15. siklik

    It's sleek so it can fit pretty much anywhere, and the new high definition technology makes everything that is showing on the screen incredible.
  16. kényelem

    I can easily download books and read them at my own convenience.
  17. elszökik
    break out

    The inmates made a plan to break out. Unfortunately for them they were caught by the guards.
  18. házon kívül étkezik
    eat out

    Usually we stay in the house to eat dinner, but this Sunday we are going to eat out at a nice restaurant.
  19. kitölt
    fill out

    Going to get a driver's license is something that requires you to fill out many different legal forms.
  20. kimagaslik
    stand out

    Sometimes it is hard to stand out at a university such as Harvard because of all the brilliant minds.
  21. kivesz
    I am going to take out money from that ATM.
  22. elmos


    Blurring lines of fiction and reality.
  23. fontos

    They were still very momentous.
  24. melléktermék

    Simply as a by-product of the competition between companies.
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