1. What is a sedative?
    a drug that produces a relaxing calming effect; usually given in the daytime

    • Usually given in daytime
    • Short term use cuz highly abusive
  2. What is a Hypnotic?
    a drug that induces drowsiness or sleep

    • Usually given @ night (need 7-8hrs of sleep)
    • Short term use cuz highly abusive
  3. What 2 classes are Sedatives & Hypnotics divided into?
    • Barbituates
    • NonBarbituates
    • Benzodiazpines
    • Nonbenzodiazpines
  4. What are Barbiturates?
    • Depress CNS
    • Reduce amt of time in REM stage
    • Abrupt withdrawal may cause dreaming, nightmares, or insomnia(so taper off drug)
    • Use ---insomnia, mood alterations

    A/R= Most common "drunk feeling" next morning.

    • Nurse:
    • Don't give if respirations are less thn 10
    • Don't give4 pain medications cuz doesn't alleviate pain may cause RESTLESSNESS, EXICTEMENT & DELIRIUM
    • Know signs of TOXICITY especially in elderly
  5. Benzodiazepines & Nonbenzodiazepines
    • Action: Depress CNS
    • Lesser effect on respiratory tract
    • Addictive potential appears less than with barbiturates
    • Nonbenzodiazepines effects diminish after approx 2wks
  6. Sedatives & Hypnotics
    • Have addictive potential
    • Effects diminish after approx 2wks
    • Physical and psychological dependence may occur
  7. Geri alert
    Older adults may require smaller dose bcuz the older adult is @ greater risk 2 develop EXCITEMENT, OVERSEDATION, CONFUSION, ATAXIA

  8. Nursing Alert
  9. Can you give barbituates for pain?
    HELL NO. Barbituates have no analgesic action, so the nurse does not give these drugs 4 pain and can't sleep. If given in the presence of pain, may cause restlessness, excitement, and delirium.

    • Contraindicated in pts:
    • Comatose peeps
    • Severe respiratory problems
    • Hx of drug & alcohol abuse
    • Pregos or Lactating peeps
  10. What is barbiturate Toxicity?
    May not occur until several hours after the drug is given

    • CNS & Respiration depression
    • Constriction
    • Hypotension
    • Lowered body temp.
    • Oliguria
    • Circulatory collapse
    • Coma
  11. What is Nursing assessment of these drugs?
    Preadministration= V/S, pain level

    Ongoing= V/S, has the drug helped b4, any other CNS depressants taking?
  12. What is the Over the counter supplement for Sedative & Hypnotics?
    Melatonin a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain.

    Used for = jet lag, improving effectiveness of immune system, antioxidant

    Drowsiness may occur w/in 30mins after taking supplement
  13. What is the herb used for its sedative effects for mild anxiety or restlessness, or peeps w/ insomnia?
    Valerian it improves overall sleep quality by shortening the length of time it takes 2 fall asleep and decreasing the number of nighttime awakenings.

    can experience w/drawal syptoms
  14. What would the nurse teach client/family about the use of these drugs?
    • Short term use
    • If drug appears ineffective don't increase dosage until u talk 2 the DR
    • Don't drink alcohol 2hrs b4 or 8hrs after
    • Impairs mental & physical abilities so don't DRIVE or any heavy machinery
    • Becareful when getting out of bed, keep a dim light on remove clutter
    • Don't take if your prego or lactating
    • Dont use OTC cold, cough, or allergy drugs unless checked w/ DR
    • Don't take Zolpidem w/ high fat meal or snack cuz fat interferes w/ absorption of drug
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