unit 5

  1. A technician is servicing a user’s laptop computer and needs to step away fromtheir desk. How should the technician secure the laptop?Choose one answer.
    Put it in a locked cabinet
  2. Which of the following Windows XP Professional utilities requires a completesystem backup prior to performing a system recovery?
    Automated System Recovery asr
  3. technician is troubleshooting a laptop which does not charge the battery whenit is plugged into the AC adapter. The laptop works with a known good batteryand another AC adapter is able to charge the original battery. Which componentshould the technician replace?
    AC adapter
  4. Which of the following can transmit both video and audio data?Choose one answer.
  5. Which of the following is the FIRST thing a technician should try when they are troubleshooting an Operating System (OS) problem?
    Restart in Safe Mode and see if the problem occurs again
  6. You need to send a laptop in for repair. What should you remove beforesending?
    Any PCMCIA or external cards
  7. How many pins are located on a standard VGA connector?
  8. You plan to install and test a large and possibly incompatible application on aWindows XP computer. Which of the following is recommended that you doFIRST before installing the application?
    Backup and defragment the hard drive
  9. Which of the following might do PAL to NTSC conversion?
    TV tuner cards
  10. Which of the following types of PCMCIA cards are used for expansion devices such as network interface cards or modems?
    Type II
  11. Which Windows utility can a technician use to automate tasks?
    Scheduled Tasks
  12. A technician performs a backup. They want to make sure that the data wassuccessfully backed up. What is the best way to verify the backed up data?
    Use the "Verify backup" option
  13. Which of the following steps in the troubleshooting and repair process is MOSTeffective to reduce redundant effort?
    Document activities and outcomes of repair steps
  14. Which of the following is the BEST location to store data backup media?
    in an offsite facility
  15. You startup a system. Before it gets to the Windows Splash screen, the systemreboots in a continuous loop. What should you do?
    Boot to the Recovery Console and use the FIXMBR command
  16. user states that their laptop LCD is blank and not displaying an image. Atechnician connects an external monitor and the desktop is displayed. Whatshould the technician do next to test the laptop LCD?
    Verify the laptop display is enabled by using the proper Fn key(s)
  17. Which Windows power saving mode saves all data resident in memory tothe hard drive, does not close applications and shuts down the computer?
  18. You plug an LCD projector into a port on your laptop but the image onyour screen is not displaying on the projector screen. What should you do?
    Toggle the screen using the function keys
  19. After running a system update, the system becomes unstable. Which of the following will allow the system to return to the original state?
    Restore the system from a known working restore point
  20. A user on a network does not have administrative rights to the workstation and isunable to complete necessary software installations. Which of the following toolscan be used to login with administrative rights and perform the installation for theuser?
    remote desktop
  21. Which of the following steps can be taken to restore a Windows XP system to aprevious state?
    Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore
  22. A company would like to run a backup everyday to backup only the files thathave changed since the last backup. The backup should clear the archive bit.Which type of backup should they perform?
  23. A technician is connecting a computer system to a high-definition LCD television.Which of the following connections should be used to achieve the BEST displayquality?
  24. You want to verify and troubleshoot one of the DirectX drivers on your system,which utility do you use?
  25. Which of the following is the LAST step a technician should perform aftertroubleshooting a network problem?
    Document activities and outcomes of repair steps
  26. You answer a service call. You replace a defective CD-ROM and test the device.What should you do next?
    Document the findings and results
  27. You want a laptop with a PCMCIA slot that can accommodate anytype of PCMCIA card. Which type of PCMCIA slot should you request?
  28. You have an external network card for a laptop. What type of port would the NICMOST likely plug into?
    PCMCIA Type II
  29. A user calls and states that an application they were working on yesterdayis no longer available. What should you do to troubleshoot the problem?
    Ask the user if the program shortcut is in the Recycle Bin
  30. Which of the following correctly describes how to access the Windows AdvancedOptions Menu on a Windows XP computer?
    After the BIOS completes POST and before the Windows XP splashscreen displays, press the F8 key
  31. You install a new CD-ROM drive. The CD-ROM is playing a CD, but no sound iscoming out. Sound was working with the previous CD player. What should youdo to resolve the problem?
    Verify the audio cable between the drive and the sound card is connected
  32. What is the maximum resolution that the XGA video technology supports?
    1024 X 768
  33. Which of the following correctly describe the main differences between laptopand desktop CPUs?
    • Heat production
    • Power consumption
  34. A user is having a problem with their computer. The technician needs to havethem open the Event Viewer on their Windows 2000 computer. How can they do so?
    B. Click Start> click Programs> click Administrative Tools> click Event Viewer
  35. Which of the following steps in the troubleshooting and repair process is MOSTeffective to reduce redundant effort of technicians?
    Document activities and outcomes of repair steps
  36. When a laptop is using the battery the Ethernet NIC is not activated. However,when the laptop is plugged into an AC outlet the NIC is active. What is the MOSTlikely cause of this problem?
    Power management configuration
  37. Your computer continuously reboots after displaying the Windows XP boot uplogo screen. Which of the following actions should you take FIRST to correct theproblem?
    Boot using the Last Known Good Configuration
  38. In Windows XP where can you change the microphone audio level settings?
    Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio
  39. Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio
    1280 X 1024
  40. Which of the following are video connectors?
    • DVI
    • VGA
  41. A user would like to configure their laptop to use the Windows XP power optionthat will allow them to resume a session while also using the least amount ofpower. Which setting should they configure?
  42. Which of the following correctly describes what happens when you boot aWindows computer into Safe Mode?
    • Minimal drivers are loaded to boot the system
    • Network drivers are activated to allow download and installation of new drivers
  43. You receive a message that states "Operating system missing". You are unableto access the Windows Advanced Options Menu to try Safe Mode or the LastKnown Good Configuration. You want to use Recovery Console. Which of thefollowing Recovery Console command should you use first to attempt to fix theboot problem?
  44. Which Windows power saving mode allows you to move the mouse or press akeyboard key to resume working?
  45. Which of the following is generally defined as the difference between thebrightest color (white) and the darkest color (black) on an LCD monitor?
    Contrast ratio
  46. Which of the following is needed to restore a computer using ASR?
    Windows Installation CD-ROM
  47. Which of the following should a technician do when performing preventative maintenance on a computer running Windows?
    • Run an anti-virus scan
    • Delete cookies and temporary files
  48. Which of the following power modes for a laptop copies system data to the harddrive, before completely turning off?
  49. What utility do you use to bring your system back to a point before an erroroccurred?
    System Restore
  50. Which utility can you use to troubleshoot a problem on a computerrunning Windows 2000 that cannot boot to normal or safe mode?
    Recovery Console
  51. Which of the following are valid options on the Windows Advanced Options Menuon a Windows XP computer? ( THREE)
    • Enable Boot Logging
    • Last Known Good Configuration
    • Safe Mode with Networking
  52. A technician installs a new touch screen monitor. Which task should they performon the computer after installation?
    Run calibration software
  53. Which of the following utilities can be used to temporarily disable certain startupsoftware and services for diagnostic purposes?
    The MSCONFIG utility
  54. You install an external hard drive and the system crashes. What is the best wayto resolve the problem?
    Use the Last Known Good Configuration
  55. When operating a visual projector, which of the following is a primary reasonto power down the unit properly before unplugging the unit from an outlet?
    Residual heat may cause damage to the unit's internal components
  56. Which of the following technologies is associated with power management?
  57. A technician is working on a laptop. The laptop is not performing a complete charge of the battery. What should the technician do to troubleshoot this problem?
    Run the battery calibrator
  58. A technician receives a laptop computer from a user. The user states that thebattery loses battery power more quickly than it used to. What should the user doin this situation?
    Replace the battery by purchasing a new one from the laptopmanufacturer
  59. In a typical PDA, which of the following is the primary input tool?
  60. A technician would like to configure the programs that startup when Windowsstarts. Which Windows utility would they use to manage these items?
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