Daily Vocab. V

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  1. prolific
    • adj: producing large volumes or amounts; productive
    • The prolific chemical reaction produced a lot of carbon monoxide.
  2. putrefy
    • verb: to rot; to decay and give off a foul odor
    • adj form: putrid
    • Dead bodies quickly putrefy and so become a health hazard to the living.
  3. quaff
    • verb: to drink deeply
    • a man in a dinner suit quaffing champagne
  4. quiescence
    • noun: stillness; motionlessness; quality of being at rest
    • adj form: quiescent
    • South could draw several inferences from the opponents' quiescence.
  5. redoubtable
    • adj: awe-inspiring; worthy of honor
    • The revolt speedily collapsed before this redoubtable commander, and Alem and the other leaders surrendered.
  6. sanction
    • noun/verb: authoritative permission or approval; a penalty intended to enforce compliance; to give permission or authority
    • Imposition of sanctions against Iraq.
  7. satire
    • noun: a literary work that ridicules or criticizes a human vice through humor or derision
    • adj form: satirical
    • Its impossible to watch any kind of western satire with her.
  8. squalid
    • adj: sordid; wretched and dirty as from neglect
    • noun form: squalor
    • The urban poor often lived and worked in squalid and dangerous conditions.
  9. stoic
    • adj: indifferent to or unaffected by pleasure or pain; steadfast
    • noun form: stoicism
    • That night it's obvious to Jake that Skeet, usually stoic, is deeply upset.
  10. supplant
    • verb: to take the place of; to supersede
    • Nintendo tried to supplant personal computers?
  11. torpid
    • adj: lethargic; sluggish; dormant 
    • noun form: torpor
    • They usually sit in little tents, and make holes in the ice from which they capture torpid fish.
  12. ubiquitous
    • adj: existing everywhere at the same time; constantly encountered; widespread
    • Personal computers have become ubiquitous in rich countries.
  13. urbane
    • adj: sophisticated; refined; elegant
    • noun form: urbanity
    • He was a good insurance broker: urbane and vigorous, and he could sell.
  14. vilify
    • verb: to defame; to characterize harshly
    • People tend to vilify gambling as the root of all evil.
  15. viscous
    • adj: thick; sticky
    • noun form: viscosity
    • The resulting paste forms a wet, viscous brown dough.
  16. pedantic
    • adj.showing a narrow concern for rules or formal book learning; making an excessive display of one's own learning:
    • "We quickly tired of his pedantic conversation." (n: pedant, pedantry).
  17. perfidious
    • adj.deliberately treacherous; dishonest (n: perfidy)
    • A person who lies all the time is an example of someone who would be described as perfidious.
    • We were betrayed by a perfidious ally.
  18. petulant
    • adj.easily or frequently annoyed, especially over trivial matters; childishly irritable
    • An example of petulant is a toddler throwing a temper tantrum when they don't get their way.
    • Her tone was petulant and angry.
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